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Diet for cancer prevention

I am not a big believer in magic bullets or snake oils but I am old enough to know one must try to keep an open mind on controversial subjects. I see a lot of references to "pomegranate" juice as being used to keep cancer at bay or not using dairy products or eating meat etc. as a preventive measure. Does anyone know the "device" that these things use to "stave off" cancer? Do they limit testosterone production or something on that order? Does this juice contain minute quantities of the drugs used to do the same thing? What is up with these theories? Jon.

Re: Diet for cancer prevention

From what I've read there doesn't seem to be any food with these magic abilities. I drank a lot of pomegranate juice hoping for a placebo effect but it didn't work. I read the initial prostate cancer pomegranate study and it was easy to see that it was flawed and the follow up study never came out as I expected. If something worked that easily it would have been found by now. There are government labs testing thousands of compounds/proteins every year trying to find the magic bullet and every year we learn a little bit more.