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Not much going on here at the forum lately so I am going to add another item. Been seeing more accounts of those having had HIFU as primary treatment for PC. Most seem very pleased with the results stating far less serious side effects and good results. It has also been stated that it has been approved for use in the US now. This all sounds like good news for the victims of this disease though it is a bit late for many of us who suffer the effects of having had the current "gold standard" treatment. As more accurate ways of treating cancerous areas come into practice, these sort of treatments may show a lot of improvement in the treatment of this sadistic disease. Getting more accurate treatment is important in preventing collateral damage but without equally accurate diagnosis, areas of cancer could be missed with this pinpoint accuracy. Getting it all the first time is essential to prevent it from getting away. This reinforces the importance of early and very accurate detection. Getting it early before it can mature is the way to preserve as much good tissue as possible and that is why the results are liked by recipients of HIFU. One thing I wonder though is if this spared good and normal tissue is also prone to develop cancer at a later time. Wouldn't it also have the same DNA fault that the cancerous tissue suffered from? Is this yet another unknown compromise that must be accepted in the battle against this disease? Jon.


I don't think I would trust my life with this procedure but it's nice to hear that some patients are getting good results. If your main priority is to stay alive I personally believe in having a top surgeon cut out the problem. May put a bit of a crimp on your sex life, but really by the time you and your wife hit your 60's sex is not the big deal it was in earlier days. Still wine and golf to enjoy.


That is a good one BobbyB


Yes you are exactly right to be concerned. My husbands HIFU failed (PC returned) precisely
because of what you mentioned (the untreated area can become cancerous).