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PSA Reading of 3125

Please forgive me if I am posting this wrong or if I should be in another area. My Father In Law has just been told he has prostate cancer. He went in yesterday for a PSA test and his results came back at a 3125. I am confused because if the normal is 4 could this be true? I am just looking for any advice. If it is 3125 can anyone help me understand this reading. Thank you very much!!!

Re: PSA Reading of 3125

My PSA was 65 on first diagnosis! It could be true, the important thing is to get medical attention quickly.

Re: PSA Reading of 3125

Yes, if that is the true PSA, it is very concerning. Have it checked again to confirm but do seek help. You are right in quoting 4 as the beginning area of concern. (mine was 6.8 and I had extensive cancer)Many variables and grey areas in this cancer field as you are about to find out. Best wishes for your Dad. Jon.

Re: PSA Reading of 3125

A PSA of 3125 is very high but even higher values have been reported in the histories section of this web site. Your father will have metastatic disease and can be treated with hormone treatment and spot radiation treatments to reduce any pain. Cancer is never predictable but with the new drugs available and assuming he responds to hormone treatment for a while then he might live another 5 to 10 years.

Things he can do for himself are to eat a heart healthy diet, to exercise and not be obese (very slightly over weight is probably optimum). Other things that might help are to take a statin, metformin and aspirin if his doctor thinks it can't hurt. One of the secrets to living longer with cancer is to be in good enough health to be able to take the next drug when the last one fails.

Re: PSA Reading of 3125

Hi Frank, as PCa sufferer, I am touched by your response. That is how it should be, let us encourage each other and not despair. It is never over until it is over.
Keep it up

Re: PSA Reading of 3125

I have a friend with an initial psa of 12,000 if my memory is correct. Ten years later he is still around but treatments have stopped. Probably only a couple of years left. Took part in studies using intermittent hormone therapy. Treatments are on the improve.n