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After Da Vinci and radiation I was incontinent using 1 thin pad a day but sometimes soaking it through. I was thinking about an AUS. I think a lot of us would agree that incontinence is worse than impotence as its a 14 hour a day hassle when impotence can be forgotten about for lengths of time.

Ive since started on Duloxetine (initially at 20mg but now at 40) This drug was designed at higher dosed for treatment of depression but one side effect noticed on women was strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles (a bit like Viagra starting off as a heart medication)

Trials have not yet been done on men

Anyway I am now for all intents and purposes dry. Its amazing. It has been the biggest single life changer for me since diagnosis. No more feeling wet and having the unpleasant wiff of urine following me about.

Has anyone else had this experience? It should be recommended to all men in my situation but it was the first Ive heard of it.


Re: Duloxetine

These little facts are good to hear about. At least it might give more choices when such issues arise for any of the rest of us. (One never knows what new challenges are down the road?) Most drugs have side effects especially any tied to this d---med disease. Please cover anything like that. Does it change your voice or cause menstrual cramps etc.? (said in jest of course but you get the idea I am sure.) Sounds like a good thing if it works and doesn't have some serious downside. Worth noting for any future use. Jon R.

Re: Duloxetine

Thanks for the reply. I have not noticed any side effects as yet apart from the absence of incontinence. Im sure there are probably some potential long term issues with prolonged use as with almost all drugs but they would have to be pretty severe for me to stop using it. I cannot overemphasise what a life changing drug it has been for me. The worst thing by far for me after treatment, by a country mile, has been the issue of wetness and pads, not being able to run down stairs or walk long distances without pissing myself, worst still never knowing when it was going to happen. Last week I spent all day walking in the mountains and had a game of tennis. I leaked about 2ml. My pad was not really even necessary. It is amazing

Re: Duloxetine

I suspect there are a great many others who would be very interested in your remarkable experience with duloxetine. I would encourage you to share your results with the "Ed and Incontinence Post-treatment" group on the following Pca website:
If you are not interested in following up on this suggestion,with your permission, I would like to so.
Anyone interested in the potential side effects of this medication need only to enter its name on GOOGLE.
Don O.

Re: Duloxetine

Hi Don,
Thanks for the heads up on the weblink. I have joined and am awaiting approval. I am happy for you or anyone else to tell my duloxetine story to anyone and everyone. Since the medics have yet to run trials on men it would be interesting to anecdotally find out from other sufferers if my life changing turnaround is experienced by others. I hope so! My two years of incontinence sucked.

Re: Duloxetine

I'll Look for your posting on the other site. The response should be interesting.
Don O.

Re: Duloxetine

More importantly your message has the potential of helping many.many Pca warriors

Re: Duloxetine

jj - This is amazing and interesting. Do you think it has also had any effect on your attitude? The main use of this drug you said was for depression which many of us suffer from after contracting and treating this disease. It would be great if it would be able to treat both maladies! "Killing two birds with one stone" would be great! Jon.

Re: Duloxetine


No, I haven't noticed any change in mood apart from joy when my last PSA was undetectable! Apparently the dosage for depression is in the 100's of mg wheras I take 2 by 20 mg daily.

To be fair, my initial exuberance was a little premature. Although much better I still do need to wear 1 thin pad daily for security. It is much better than it was but is not a panacea.