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Wife's concerns

My husband is having the robotic surgery this next Thursday. I have been reading and reading but was wondering if you had any advice for a caring wife. Thanks so much!!

Re: Wife's concerns

Tear-away sports pants are really good since he will have a catheter when he comes home and it is a challenge to put pants on/off. My surgeon told my wife how to remove the catheter and that was far better than going back to the hospital to get it out. Don't try and exercise too much in the first week home just slow and steady.

Re: Wife's concerns

After my surgery three years ago I considered myself to be very fortunate to also have a caring wife. When I returned home, the day after my surgery, I found her assistance in helping me getting in and out of bed and to the shower to be invaluable.

Immediately after my surgery the catheter in my penis was very irritating. So much so, that before I left hospital, I persuaded one of the doctors to provide me with supplies of a mild anaesthetic lubricant that I applied to my penis for three to four days.

As mentioned it's best to take things easy for a week or so after surgery and progressively return to normal activities over the next month or so.

Very best wishes for your husband's surgery. I hope things go well for him.

Re: Wife's concerns

Thank you for the comments. I appreciate the advice. Also thank you for the well wishes. We'll both be glad to get the surgery behind us and go to the next phase.

Re: Wife's concerns

Well, tomorrow is the day. I have to say the anxiety level is quite high.

Re: Wife's concerns

Hello Mary. I hope your husband's surgery went well. I wanted to quickly chime in. I was diagnosed 12/31/2015 (yeah, Happy New Year!). Robotic surgery was performed 3/11/16. Cancer was confined to prostate. Margins were clear and had 1 nerve bundle fully spared, one partially.

By now your husband's catheter has been removed (thank goodness). I started PT around 4/8 and had to use depends for about 2 weeks. At end of 2 weeks, I would leak starting mid afternoon. I would change depends for bedtime and not leak at night. Transitioned to pads for about 2 weeks. Haven't used one since 5/1. Haven't had an issue since and have traveled and exercised quite a bit including heavy lifting.

I've had some progression with ED response as well. Used Viagra for about 2 months with some luck. Recently started injections. Sounds painful but really has no pain (a year ago I'd have said no way). Works like magic.

I say these things not to brag, rather to give hope and comfort for a successful recovery for your husband. My doctors say I'm months ahead of normal, but even if it takes longer for your husband, let him know that the end is good.

Prayers for you two.

Re: Wife's concerns

Thank you for your comments. The surgery went well. He had a few problems with the catherter but it is gone and something he doesn't miss.

Unfortunately his margins were not clear so we are anxious to see what his first psa test shows.

The incontinence has been a littl challenging. He is good in the morning and night but has more difficulty in the afternoon. I'm sure that in time that will improve. At least he has a good sense of humor and a positive attitude.