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Re: The Truth about cancer

As part of your research effort you may find the following book by Bob Marckini helpful: "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer..." His chapter on the advantages and disadvantages of several methods for treating PCa is usually of particular interest to the newly diagnosed. This book is readily available, an easy read and well worth its modest price. Although this book is nearly ten years old much of this information remains relevant.

In general the more research you undertake at this point (be sure to include up-to-date material) the more likely you will be to make a good decision for yourself. Your research will also enable you to ask good questions of the various clinicians you are bound to encounter as you proceed.

Best wishes Don O.

Re: The Truth about cancer

I watched the whole series when they had it on the web. It was very interesting. Not saying I believe all of it but they do make a few good points about the way we go about treating cancer. There are not many options out there for most people. It either Cut it out, radiate it or chemo it. I know that there are few other options but most clinics and hospitals don't have any of the newer treatments. It seem to me that they steer you towards the big 3 treatments anyway. If you say anything about supplements or nutrition to help you body fight off cancer on it's own you are met by silence or complete denial. There are a few sites where people claim to have beat cancer this way and maybe they really did but cancer is big business and so the current medical establishment will not acknowledge this. So my question is has anyone on this site beat cancer thru good nutrition and supplements?

Look this up. This guy claims to have beat prostate cancer. 'Don't Touch My Prostate!' A Man's Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer

Re: The Truth about cancer

Loma Linda has a fair read that is free for the asking:

As far as non invasive herbal cures, I'd be pretty skeptical. There are cancers, and then there are cancers. No two are alike, and I don't believe doctors can yet tell them apart. Even biopsies aren't 100% indicators of the bad kind that will kill you. There are small cell tumors that don't even register a Gleason score yet kill in 2 years or less. That term "undifferentiated" scares the hell out of me.

Like anything in life, the bell curve is used to guide decisions. Doctors will factor in the "What is most likely to happen?" for what they know about a patient today. What bothers me is the data they use is so sporadic and incomplete. They basically make educated guesses rather than informed decisions.

The idea one guy ignored the problem and it turns out his doctors were wrong or misdirected by bad data - or even if he was exceptionally lucky and his cancer regressed to zero - it doesn't surprise me.