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Since my diagnosis 6 1/2 years ago, I have been a firm believer that exercise would be good for me on this journey.

On Monday this week a report was presented at the American Association for Cancer Research:
"Physical Activity May Improve Prostate Cancer Prognosis"

It supports this view.
A couple of out-takes:
- researchers found that the men who exercised the most had a 34% lower risk of dying of the disease than those who exercised the least.
- Walking for ≥7 h weekly was associated with a 37% lower risk.

Sending best wishes to all but have to close, I need to go walk our dogs...

Re: Exercise!

Hi RC, you could be right. I also have continued to exercise even after I got PCa in March, 2014. I used to jog 30 minutes x 3 days/week but now, due to pain in sole of my left foot, I exercise on the Trojan Pace 380 bike, same duration. I also do sit-ups and breathing exercises (yoga) every morning and evening, in addition to 30 minutes of cardio-combo (aerobics) exercises thrice ,a week.
So guys lets go for exercises, it's rough, tough, but invigorating

Re: Exercise!

I don't know if exercise directly effects prostate cancer or not but being in shape and staying that way is a good way to allow the body to fight off all kinds of maladies so why not cancer also. Since younger years I have noted that a percentage of folks who retire, often fade away in a couple years. This was a signal to me that retirement is not meant to be enjoyed in inactivity. Those that use retirement as a way to sit and watch TV for the rest of their life are often the ones that only make a couple years into retirement before they "fade away". Retirement was set at around 65 because that is about the time things start to fail with our bodies. A few lucky ones escape that event but most of us mature folks can equate with that happening. Being in good physical shape can mean the difference between getting through these episodes or not. (It is one reason why younger men generally have better results than us old farts with cancer treatments.) I was diagnosed with PC two years into retirement and three months into recovery from that treatment, suffered a heart attack and had a quad by-pass so I was not one of the lucky ones. Had I not been physically active my whole life those two events could have spelled the end for me. It was reaffirmed to me after my by-pass (by the rehab folks) as to how important it was to keep active. After two sessions of rehab I felt they were being too easy on me so I did - and still do my own rehab by keeping active in work and play. I am not a good example of healthy eating and like good tasting food too much. That was proved in the way my arteries plugged up so exercise is not a cure all if you don't follow all the rules of good health. (If it tastes like cardboard, it is probably healthy food) Everything is a compromise and you have to enjoy life also as you try your best to keep reasonably fit in order to extend life as long as practical. I consider myself reasonably fit but also know I am about twenty pounds overweight so I am not bragging for sure. I guess I would say I am about average. So when you can't get anything but advertisements on TV anyway, turn the thing off and go for a walk, a bike ride, in the shop doing a project, or some other hobby that requires activity, or just get some of those chores done that are always there. Activity will raise your ambition level - much unlike what I am doing right now in front of this computer! Jon.

Re: Exercise!

Dear Jon R. your contributions are always so wonderful, so enlightening, so encouraging, please keep it up. What can one say!