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Incontinence and UTIs

Please I need your help.
Due to incontinence I am being affected by Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) regularly and therefore being treated with antibiotics.
I would like to find out how I can avoid UTIs due to incontinence. I am wearing incontinence pads now and I am wondering whether this could be the source of UTIs.
Your advice and/or suggestions would be highly appreciated because I want to avoid antibiotics treatment for UTIs.
Otherwise my PSA last April 2016 was 0.01, and generally I am doing fine. I have been on ADT (on Zoladex) since 2014.

Re: Incontinence and UTIs

Sounds as if your incontinence is the major suspect so how about seeing your urologist for some help with that? You didn't give any history of why or how long you are incontinent (from cancer treatment or some other cause). If it is from cancer treatment, it may be a passing problem but if from other sources and long term, it is worth looking into. There are "cures" for that and if it is causing so much UTI trouble, is certainly worth the effort of treating. Jon.