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Opinions about alternate, natural, or other magic bullet treatments for PC.

On browsing the Web or even on this site, one reads of individuals touting the advantages of herbs, correct eating, or other magic bullets and snake oils that cure or control cancer without the trauma and many disadvantages of modern medical treatment. What are some of your now educated opinions of these unconventional treatment courses? I have witnessed what it is like to die from this disease after it patiently gains full control and it is not a pleasant experience, nor is it quick and merciful. Are these people who push these unconventional ideas putting others in jeopardy with their commitment and counseling toward these unproven "cures"? This disease is so variable that it is easy to make rash conclusions from isolated cases that may be lucky enough to slip through the trap of attractive, unconventional, treatments and believe that the whole of the medical industry has it all wrong. Underneath we would all like to believe in such a thing but most of us know that this is the real world we live in and such things ARE too good to be true. I know from personal experience that waiting even one year too long can compromise successful treatment. What becomes of those that buy into the magic bullet stories and wait too long?
I am not sure this is a good subject to bring up on the site here but new people coming aboard should be made aware that this sort of thing is out there and people believing in it are adamant, confident, loud, and convincing in their convictions.
While it may be true that many of us having gone through this will and would have died from causes other than PC - who really wants to gamble his very life on such a possibility? Jon

Re: Opinions about alternate, natural, or other magic bullet treatments for PC.

As for alternative treatments; there are very likely some plants/herbs/fungi that have something like you'd get with ADT or other chemotheraputic drugs; e.g. Red Yeast Rice contains the same ingredient or chemical used in some commercial statin drugs, yet seems to have a lower incidence of side effects as what you get from the pharmacy, though it also isn't as effective at reducing cholesterol.

No doubt there are alternative medicines that MIGHT work to help PCa. But before treating with such things a person should apply some effort to research and verify how and why it works before relying on it.

As for snake oil claims -- I find it curious that some people will believe such claims as magnets on fuel hoses improves mileage also tend to fall for claims that magnets also heal fractures more quickly or cure headaches or arm cramps or sick fish. These types of personalities are likely also susceptible to marketing that claims Charm XyZ can cure cancer, regardless of overwhelming lack of evidence. The fact is people want and desire the easy solution; casinos worldwide get richer every day. As a result of this inner desire some people have, marketeers produce what those people want and offer it to them.

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Re: Opinions about alternate, natural, or other magic bullet treatments for PC.

There are hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world working in government supported labs trying to find the cure for cancer. They all know that there is a Nobel Prize for them if they find it. If it was easy one of them would have found it. The more you understand about cancer and how it is killed off the less likely you are to fall for cancer miracle cures found on the internet.