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Re: bike riding

Here is a recent comment from a very knowledgeable fellow from another site:

Comment by E. Michael D. ("Mike") Scott 31 minutes ago


There is no really compelling evidence that cycling (or spinning) causes any form of prostate problem in the majority of men. If there really was a serious association, we'd know about it because half the professional bike riders in the work would have prostate problems of some type. They don't ... At least, not that I have ever heard of.

On the other hand, for men with minor prostate problems, cycling may exacerbate the problem and so there is some evidence of "associations"

Also bike riding is associated with a rise in our PSA.
Regards Don O.

Re: bike riding

Just to mention that I am currently going through my proton treatment and had the SapceOAR gel implanted instead of the balloon. We were all asked NOT to ride a bike or horse during treatment.

Re: bike riding

In my reading it seems any stimulation of the prostate produces the effect of increasing PSA - thus pressing on the perineum while bike riding, riding in a saddle, a lot of sitting in general, orgasm, and similar will raise PSA test results. But nowhere have I seen a study that documents how much. A few reads hinted it was a percentage, but probably not double. Again, I haven't found facts for how much higher.

By accident, I did have a PSA blood draw immediately after DRE; and that reading came back about 10% higher than normal. 18 instead of 16 at the next draw that was taken prior to DRE - and three months apart.