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PSA 129

Hi... I am wondering... docs tell us a PSA of 129 doesn't mean cancer at age 50 however I can't find anyone else that mentions having a PSA over 100 and it not being cancer when associated with other gradual symptoms. Anyone?

Re: PSA 129


I assume this doc is your GP? You need to get a MP-MRI followed by a fusion biopsy if MRI is positive. If this doc has not referred you to a Urologist you need a new Doc. It doesn't really matter if you find some 1 in a million guy that had a PSA over 100 and didnt have PC. 999,999 did have PC.


Re: PSA 129


If you can confirm that your PSA really is 129 you might want go to the emergency department of a hospital that has a prostate cancer center. Complain about all the symptoms associated with PC including back pain. I think you will get a very rapid response. Doctors debate what tests should be done for a PSA of 3 or 4 but not 129.

Re: PSA 129

That PSA -129- is something to be very concerned about no matter what the cause. Doctors that do not want to alarm people are not doing their patients any favors. Sorry, but you need to see a urologist ASAP to check it out. Best wishes! Jon.

Re: PSA 129

Actually - there are documented cases of PSA above 100 that were not prostate cancer. Very large prostate volume (BPH) is one of the more common causes. But those men usually had a free PSA count well above 25%.

On the other hand, if a year ago your PSA was under 4 and this year it's 129; well, aggressive prostate cancer cancer victims have a median life expectancy of 2 years from diagnosis (NIH studies). Part of this short duration is that men -- being who we are -- tend to delay telling a doctor about symptoms; and that PCA is often difficult to find in biopsy. Even MRI Guided biopsy has a 8 to 13% miss rate.

As others have said: get in to see a GOOD urologist that uses the best current diagnostic techniques. MRI's, proPSA, and one experienced in dealing with outcomes, and ask him to be 100% up-front honest with his opinions. If at any time he smiles and says "Don't worry."; run to another doctor.

ps: I have a very low opinion of my first urologist who did exactly that. Subsequent urologists (3 of them) are very concerned.

pss: PSA is also an indication of prostate infections - if DRE is negative, the uro doc can take a sample and culture the fluids to test for it.