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incontinence aid

I had a robotic prostatectomy about 4 months ago. The first six weeks I experienced significant leakage. I was wearing multiple pads during the day. My doctor told me about the Afex system for urine collection and I found it very effective. It consists of a receptacle which attaches to a collection bag and is strapped inside special underpants. Details can be found on arcusmedical dot com. At about 6 weeks my incontinence improved dramatically, such that a single pad suffices for most days. I no longer need the Afex system and have a number of unused, unopened components (5 bags, 2 receptacles, cleaning fluid), since I had purchased both a starter pack and a value pack. I offer to send these at no charge to anyone in the US who would find them useful. I am in Arizona. In order to use the system, you would need to buy the special briefs.

Re: incontinence aid

Yet another commercial?

Re: incontinence aid

No this is not a commercial. I have no vested interest in this product. I thought I was doing someone a favor by offering for free my leftover, unused product. I also thought I was providing useful information on a worthwhile product. I am grateful to my doctor for telling me about it.

Re: incontinence aid

Thank for for the clarification Carl.