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Hello, I am 54 thought I was in decent shape. Had some issues with a implant I had so I had a DRE and a PSA. My PSA was 17.8 and they said it had a nodule on it and some hardening. I went in on 2/16 for the biopsy. I must have a black cloud as that hurt a lot and I can take a lot of pain. My prostate still aches. The doctor took 12 samples and will be going back 3/1/16 for results. During or should say after when they left room for me to dress and clean up. There was a lot of rectum blood when cleaning my self enough where it had dripped onto floor, then I had to pee so while doing that I had passed enough rectal blood where they kept me to monitor for a while. I am curious is that normal to bleed that much? And why now I feel my prostate aching and never did until after this procedure. Thanks for this site!! It is my go to site!!

Re: Curious

Blood in your stool for a day or two. Blood in your urine for about 2 weeks. Blood in your semen for 3-4 weeks. That was my experience. The biopsy hurt like hell. My doctor told me to expect all of this, but was very wrong about the pain of the biopsy.

Re: Curious

Gene is right about the blood in the urine and semen, however a biopsy should be virtually painless. Your uro should have administered lidocaine (or something similar) to numb the prostate before the procedure began. You can even ask for a vicodin to be taken about an hour or so before the procedure and you will be (almost) looking forward to your next biopsy. I've had four of the procedures (one taking 18 cores, the other three took 12). For two procedures, the prostate hurt (ached)for a few hours after the lidocaine wore off, but the other two were completely painless. If your uro, won't give you something to numb the prostate, it might be time to get a new urologist.

Re: Curious

I had 13 samples taken and only one hurt....but it hurt big time. Blood in semen for 6 weeks. There was virtually no pain having the prostate removed...but I'll never forget that pain from the biopsy. I thought I read somewhere that biopsies weren't used much anymore as some sort of imaging was more accurate with less side effects and less risk. Perhaps I'm mistaken.

Re: Curious

For some odd reason the effects of a biopsy are almost always downplayed. I guess it is the same reasoning that they use to not inform you of the loss of length, girth, and firmness of your dysfunctional penis after a prostatectomy. Poking a dozen core holes through your rectal tissue and into a small organ like the prostate is a major trauma for both rectal and prostate tissue. The damage is obvious as witnessed by the immediate short term blood loss and also the length of time there is blood in the semen. Pain runs the gambit from none to plenty.