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Benign prostate tissue

My pathology report was excellent. Yet my PSA moved from undetected to .05 then to .07. I was told that it may be coming from benign tissue connected to nerves. Any thoughts?

Re: Benign prostate tissue


I don't want to bum you out but it is more likely residual disease and not benign tissue left behind. The next couple of PSA's will confirm one way or the other.


Re: Benign prostate tissue

That is my belief too. It will declare itself soon.

Re: Benign prostate tissue


You can wait until it hits 0.2 before you will need salvage treatment but if it is obviously moving in that direction (every PSA reading is higher than the last) then it is worth while to see a radiation oncologist at around 0.18. It takes a month or so to get the mapping out and hormone treatment started before they even start the radiation. If you do end up needing the salvage treatment I found it to be not bad at all, at least up to 7 years. The effects of the radiation treatment can cause problems up to 20 years later for some men it seems.

Re: Benign prostate tissue

Thanks Frank,

Twenty years would not bother me much, as I am 70. If I knew for sure that I had 15 years without doing anything then I would not do anything. Let the chips fall. But I will get radiation if the rise continues.

Re: Benign prostate tissue

Thanks Frank, 20 years later it won't matter too much, as I will be 91. If I can push the day back 10 years I will be happy.

Re: Benign prostate tissue

Hello Howard.

I am wondering what were the details of your "excellent" pathology such as post-op Gleason and margins, for how long your PSA was undetectable and what was the timeframe for the rises to 0.05 and then 0.07. What has been your advice on when to make a move?

I am also 70 and after a year of post surgery undetectable PSA (being <0.01), I have now had a test showing 0.01. I know it is a very small number, but after a period of undetectable, any number at all is the possible beginning of something. I am especially vigilant because of my Gleason 4+5=9 post-op pathology, albeit clear margins. From what I have read, often Gleason 9 recurrences move a lot quicker and so I am on the verge of being trigger happy.

All the best from Brian

Re: Benign prostate tissue

Sorry Howard, I didn't see your other thread titled "Rising PSA", which answers my questions.

Re: Benign prostate tissue


Negative margins, negative lymph nodes, tumor contains, etc. Gleason 3+4