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CT scan for diagnosis of groin pain

Hello everyone and thanks for providing this helpful website.

I was diagnosed in September 2015 with Gleason 6, 4 of 12 cores, 5-50%. I am on active surveillance for now. I am 58 yo.

I originally went to the urologist because of persistent groin pain and my PC could not diagnose the cause. The urologist and my PC checked for hernia (which I have had surgery for previously) and ordered a testicular ultrasound which did not indicate any problems. My PSA was marginally high at 2.52 so we did the biopsy and resulted in the PCa diagnosis. The urologist I saw for a surgical consult did not feel that the pain resulted from the PCa (old age was his diagnosis) and did not feel any imaging was necessary.

So I went to another general medical Dr. and he recommended a abdominal CT scan. I really liked this Dr. and he and his staff seemed very knowledgeable about PCa and AS. The CT scan is set up for next Wednesday.

Now my question. I have been reading about CT scans and am concerned about the radiation exposure. I am wondering about the risk this test could turn a non aggressive PCa into something worse. The Dr. felt like the CT scan was a much better test than an MRI to diagnose my issues.

Any feedback is welcomed.

Re: CT scan for diagnosis of groin pain


1. 58 is young, not old.

2. Your PSA reading is low for your age.

3. The PCa that has been found would be regarded by many as pre-cancerous and not the full blown disease.

4. Radiation from CT scans is trivial, for example, compared with that from radiation therapy. Side effects from the former are extremely unlikely.

5. PCa will almost certainly not kill you, nor will what is probably a muscular strain in your groin. Try gentle exercise to strengthen muscles in the area.

6., Stop worrying and get on with your life would be my advice. Would that I had been in such a happy situation as yours!

AC in England

Re: CT scan for diagnosis of groin pain

Thanks very much for your reply. I should have mentioned that the groin pain is not insignificant. Sometimes throbbing, sometimes extremely sharp, and sometimes not there altogether. I should probably also have mentioned that I do weight training and abdominal exercise 2-3 days per week as well as running and biking so there is that.

I could not determine from your reply if you were suggesting the imaging was safe and to go ahead with the CT scan or to try "stretching" to see if it remedies the problem first or just learn to live with the discomfort.

Thanks again for your response.