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Dad recently diagnosed PSA 2900

My 79 year old father was recently diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, with a PSA of 2900. He started Lupron Therapy 2 weeks after his diagnosis, and he is also starting some alternative treatments. His symptoms began with horrific back pains and not being able to walk. He is walking better now and claims he doesn't have any pain. I am having trouble finding information about what to expect and if he really has a chance. I am trying to prepare myself, because I know his prognosis is awful. Any advise or knowledge would be so appreciated. he is going to top hospital with top doctors, but my brothers and I cannot get any answers on what to expect. I don't want to pessimistic, but optimism is not being my friend right now. Thank you, and I am so happy I found this site.

Re: Dad recently diagnosed PSA 2900

David, at this early stage of treatment the doctors simply don't know how your father's PC will respond to the different treatments. PC cells have different many different types of abnormalities that cause them to go "rogue" and they also can change to survive the different treatments. This is why no doctor wants to predict what will happen.

The good news is that there are quite a few new drugs available. If the Lupron drives the PSA level down to a low point below 1.0 (from 2900) then that would be a very good sign.

Re: Dad recently diagnosed PSA 2900

I have a friend who had a similar PSA reading 10 years ago. He was given 3 - 5 years tops. He underwent some 'intermittent' hormone treatments - some experimental- which knocked his PSA down to very low levels and only now after 10 years is his PSA rising and unable to be controlled. He is now in his early 70's. I hope that helps.