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Dorothy Dix Questions

In Australian politics, a Dorothy Dix question is a rehearsed or planted question. Of late, a variety of first time posters, perhaps even the same person, have asked what I would consider to be Dorothy Dixers. The questions are always short on detail, require complex answers, and the poster rides off into the sunset.

If my suspicion is correct, then the poster/s ought to consider the disservice that they are doing to men in genuine need. At some point of time, should the Dorothy Dixers continue, the persons that answer such questions might also ride off into the sunset.

best wishes,

p.s. I must be having a high paranoia day!

Re: Dorothy Dix Questions

I guess I need to get a horse!

Re: Dorothy Dix Questions

The post above certainly looks like another Dorothy Dixer. I hope I am not being to harsh but the same pattern seem's to be repeating yet again. I think from now on, I shall only answer post's that I consider to be genuine. Very sad indeed.

Hi Ho Silver!

Re: Dorothy Dix Questions


Real questions from me. Very busy travel schedule. Thanks for your feedback.

My urologist wants to do a mapping biopsy prior to beginning active surveillance. The oncologist agreed that this was a good idea. I would prefer to see a few more PSA scores first. My last PSA was 8.7. 12 needles was bad enough. 40-60 sounds barbaric, although I understand many people do this. I am not convinced. Thoughts anyone?

Re: Dorothy Dix Questions


You should consider getting a 3T-MP-MRI. If they find a tumor you can then have a targeted biopsy....fewer cores. I f you get a negative MRI then you can safely monitor with repeat PSA's & MRI's.


Re: Dorothy Dix Questions