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Re: Persistent psa

I agree with Fred. The C-11 Pet Scan is also available at Rochester Minnesota.
Best wishes Don O.

Re: Persistent psa

Hi Alan,
I see that this is your first post so welcome to YANA.

Alan, aside from a lab error, in all likelihood you probably already have micro metastases given the high post op PSA reading . If so, be assured that your PCa may still be manageable for a goodly number of years to come. Could you please tell us your gleason score and staging prior to your RP? It would be also good to know your age, and any co-morbidity? If my suspicion is correct, then it would be appropriate for you to seek a referral to a medical oncologist. Management of advanced PCa has come on leaps and bounds over last few years Alan.

best wishes

Re: Persistent psa

Alan Dolge
I had a radical prostectomy on 9/3/2015. The path report was good no cancer in the nodes or seminal vesicles. My pre surgery psa was 11.4. No bone Mets from the scan. The problem is that my 4 month psa was 5.2. This is worrying me since the I do did not seem to think much of the result. Has anyone out there had a similar result?

Since this initial post I had another PSA done in early March. The PSA went up to 9.55 from 5.2. My uro sent me to have a PET scan done. Today I found out that there is no metastatic. Presumably there are micro mets in my system so I will see the oncologist next week. The uro indicated that I would probably have to have some sort of ADT therapy since there was no area that could be pinpointed to irradiate.

Re: Persistent psa

My case is about the same as yours.My journey started by testing psa just for incase.I had no symptoms,was healthy and energetic.My first psa value was 4.13.After a short course of antibiotics the value dropped to 4.03.My GP sent my to the urologist performed a biopsy on me and the result was one positive core out of eleven and only 2mm of the core of it.I took the option of active surveillance for 18 months.I got another biopsy then with a result of two positive cores out of eleven.The one core was still 2mm invaded and the other only 1mm.My urologist told me that two positive cores are OK but definitely not more than three.I underwent a Da Vince robotic prostatectomy on 29 March 2014.My first psa test was done about only three weeks after the prostatectomy and it was a schocking forty-five.I just want to mention that my psa value two days before the prostatectomy was only 2.39.My psa value at six weeks post-op was seventeen.From here-on my psa values dropped slowly but surely till about 1.94.Just after that it went to 7.44.From my first reading of seventeen my urologist tried to get me to receive radiotherapy but I refused .When my psa value got to that 7.44 I asked the urologist to give me a course of antibiotics for 10 days to see what will happens.My psa dropped till about 6.4.I then used anti-inflametory medicine for another 10 days.My psa dropped till about 5.5.My nadir was now between 4 and 5.On the 30th August this year I got a PET scan with the wonderfull result that there there was no sighn of any cancer in my body.It is possible for me now to explain what happened but before the scan it was only a guess.Till now I did not receive any radiotherapy nor hormone or any other treatment.The PET SCAN was only possible from this year in my country because the traser material was not available.