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Re: Same boat - different seats;

Jon and John:
A solid factually based analysis as usual John. You and Jon may have different perspectives---but both have merit.
Don O.

Re: Same boat - different seats;

G'day Don,
Do I detect a bit of fence sitting, LOL??

So how has your journey been going Don? I might hop over to your blog and have a quiz. Well I did and you seem a tad happier Don. Good to read. Dr Myers does use some interesting terminology. What prey tell is a "complete remission"? A remission I understand. But a complete remission?????

best wishes

P.S. Don't forget I come from that land down under. We see everything upside down!

P.P.S. Perhaps an complete remission might be considered as a incomplete progression! (:

Re: Same boat - different seats;

I'm inclined to sit the fence from time to time especially when the occasion warrants doing so.
I am wholly satisfied with my treatment plan and outcome thus far. In truth I feel blessed. Thanks for asking. I appreciate your continued interest and support.
As a part of my next journal entry I intend to ask Dr. Myers for more information about his complete and durable remission protocol AND whether or not I might be a suitable candidate for this approach. This line of questioning got me crossways with Dr. Myers recently so I will reentering the arena with trepidation. Stay tuned.

P.S. Call it what you like complete and durable remission or incomplete progression, I'll settle for either.
P.S.S. Jon--Thank you for providing us the opportunity for this exchange.

Re: Same boat - different seats;


I believe Dr. Meyers says a complete and durable remission is when his patients are treated and show no signs of PC on any of the available imaging scans, Bone, MRI, Xray, PET/CT...etc AND have an undetectable PSA <.01 for 12 months.

Hope I got this right.


Re: Same boat - different seats;

All fine Don. In Australia from what I recall, the term remission tends not to be used with any qualification. I now understand the American medical jargon for the term complete remission. Given the roots of our medical practice over here have distinctly British origins, I have never come across a qualification on a state of remission. Perhaps such a term's utility is more comforting for a patient if so ascribed. Ok enough waffle. Thank you for the enlightenment Don.