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Activity (Exercise) is Important!

I just read this report. The conclusion is that physical activity can be beneficial for prostate cancer survivors.
“The big news here is that physical activity post-diagnosis improves survival.”
I have always assumed this would be true, and upped my exercise level after my diagnosis over six years ago.

Re: Activity (Exercise) is Important!

Great news Roger, but what types of activities are the most beneficial?

best wishes

Re: Activity (Exercise) is Important!

I'm no expert, John, but here's what I am doing.

LOTS of walking. I average over 5 miles a day, @100 meters of climbing, every day up and down the Indiana Dunes. I'm sure this has helped the PC fight, and has definitely helped my Type 2 diabetes fight. My A1C tests were on a solid upward (bad) path until my son Eric gave me a fitbit late 2012. This encouraged me to up my exercise level (compete with the kids!) and exactly since that point my A1C has been on a steady downward trend. I have been able to go from 3 pills a day to only one.

Then early December 2015 I started a simple, no equipment or gym needed, weight program at the insistence of my son Todd. This has made a huge improvement in how well I feel, improved my balance, and is helping my overall health. To the point that my cardiologist stated at recent visit, "Your EKG is perfect."

For those that might be interested, here is a link to the weight exercise routine I'm following. Note: It's OK to start at whatever pace works for you. For example, I still struggle with pushups, so do knee pushups. Dumbbell rows on the other hand are super easy for me, so I exceeded the goal from the get-go.

Best wishes to all

Re: Activity (Exercise) is Important!

All very fine Roger. Yes I am also a devotee of the fitbit also. Probably the best bit of technology that I own. Gee now I am sounding like the fist posters coming on here, with the advertising testimonial spin (:.

Well your 5 miles per day shows up my meagre 7 kilometres LOL. Still at now approaching 66 years and a dicky ticker to boot, I am doing ok. I guess the lesson for us all is to get out and do whatever we can. It all helps. Now where is my Charge HR???