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VMAT or Proton Therapy

I just turned 60 and after going to a urologist for the first time I received a PSA of 5.28. Now for Christmas I received the results of the biopsy out of 13 cores 4 came back positive with the Gleason score of 3 + 3 = 6.

I have two questions I live in Jacksonville FL and have seen two different oncologists. Each highly recommend their radiation.

First question one oncologist said they have the latest VMAT machine with two CT machines mounted to it. He claims that the CTs help get the target better and he he has said that his practice since 1997 is the most experienced here in North Florida for prostate cancer. Does this new VMAT machine make a difference in the choice to go proton instead of photon?

Second question, we will be visiting with the second proton therapy center next week it is an older place with probably more experience at this HOSPITAL. I have already seen the latest version at a new PRIVATELY owned Proton oncology. Which would weigh more the older more experienced crew (if the staff are still the same) or the newer equipment both are here in Jacksonville.

Any help in which model car I should get will help, I just cant decide between these 3 car dealerships. And really it feels like I am being lured into these beautiful dealerships. This is a very hard decision.

Re: VMAT or Proton Therapy

Hi Bruce,
Given your PSA, Gleason, and core percentage, in all likelihood you should do very well with radiation as many other men before you (including me) have done. It sounds like you USA citizens are a bit to spoiled for choices in regards to the type of radiation. Where I you, I would choose the type of treatment modality that has a proven record rather than being a test pilot.

best wishes,

Re: VMAT or Proton Therapy

Given your Gleason score you need not rush to a hasty decision.

Re: VMAT or Proton Therapy

In addition to the valuable feedback and good food for thought provided by both John and Jerry here's my two cents worth :

UFPTI, the PBRT institute nearest you, issued a press release in November of 2012 containing the following success-ratio statistic:
"Five year progression free survival rate of 99 percent in low-intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients."

For more data on PBRT outcomes (1) Google UFPTI (2) click on News and Information then (3) click on Research Portfolio.

Best wishes Don O.

Re: VMAT or Proton Therapy


"Five year progression free survival rate of 99 percent in low-intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients." This is also the result one gets with no treatment.

You should really be on Active Surveillance.