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Choice Between Surgery and Radiation Therapy

I am a 65 year old male recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. My PSA was 14.6. My Gleason score is 5+5=10. The cancer has not spread. It is localized to the prostate. Also 2 of the 12 core samples showed cancer. I have been provided to treatment options, surgery to remove prostate or radiation with hormone therapy. Couple additional facts about my health: I am in remission for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, I have A-fib, and Type 2 diabetes. Need some guidance re which treatment option to choose.

Re: Choice Between Surgery and Radiation Therapy

In order to get the ball rolling, allow me to respond to your question with a series of questions:
Have you reviewed the likely side effects of your two choices and determined which seem most tolerable based on your personal values and lifestyle?
Have you asked your physician what he/she would recommend for his/her father?
Have you sought a second opinion?
Where do you live? Are there other treatment resources readily available in your area?
Have you considered chemotherapy?
What percentage of the two cores are involved? Are both lobes involved?
What is your current PSA?
How quickly is your PSA rising?

Re: Choice Between Surgery and Radiation Therapy

Most men diagnosed with Gleason 10 will die of PC. I would not be worrying too much about side effects. You need the procedures with the greatest chance of success. I would think getting your prostate out ASAP and then hormone and radiation combo would be a good start for treatment (I've had these treatments and my side effects were minor compared to my fears). You should also make sure you are going to a top PC center and not the neighborhood urologist.

I am assuming you have a life expectancy greater than five years otherwise you could just do nothing.