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Magazine article for men with metastatic prostate cancer

Hi, all.

I am writing a magazine article featuring practical tips for men who have been diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer, from men who are willing to share any practices or perspectives that have helped them in their journey with this disease.

If you have any such tips to share and would be willing to speak with me for 15 minutes or so (or to answer a few questions via e-mail) sometime between now and November 25, please e-mail me at:

Thanks for your consideration. Our hope is that others who may just be coming to grips with their diagnosis can benefit from your experience.

Harris Fleming

Re: Magazine article for men with metastatic prostate cancer

I see that this is your first post on YANA Harris, so welcome.

Regarding you magazine article, may I enquire as to your bona fides for writing such an article and the name of the publication?

best wishes

Re: Magazine article for men with metastatic prostate cancer

Certainly, John.

The name of the publication is Guide to Metastatic Prostate Cancer. It is a patient information/education magazine published by Health Monitor in Montvale, NJ. As for my own "bona fides," I have been a writer and editor in the field of healthcare communications and journalism, as well as medical education, since 1997. If there are particular questions I could answer that might move you to participate (or to refer me to someone who might, for that matter), please let me know. Harris

Re: Magazine article for men with metastatic prostate cancer

All fine Harris. Unfortunately there are not a lot of active advanced PCa guys on here. But you could glean a lot of information from the survivor stories. Plenty of research in the offering there. But if you are after better interaction with advanced Pca men might I suggest that you have a peek at the British Online Cancer Forum. They have a whole sub forum just for guys with advanced disease. I have put a link to the UK forum below;

best wishes

Re: Magazine article for men with metastatic prostate cancer

I appreciate your considerate reply, John. I have certainly learned quite a bit by reading the posts. While it would not be appropriate to include anything I've read here in an article outside this community forum, I will at least have a better context when I do get the chance to speak with someone for the article--whether they're in the US or the UK. Thanks again.