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A fib

I have a fib please help anyone with same problem. On lupron. Please help

Re: A fib

What's a FIB?

Re: A fib

Hi John,
I had a look at your postings over the last 12 months or so, and it appears to me that you are engaging in the practice of seeking little snippets of information through the usage of disjointed questions.

John you would do yourself a real service by explaining your circumstance in some detail relating to your PCa journey, assuming of course that you are actually on one. If that is the case, be specific in telling us about yourself and your journey. We are here to help, and with the relevant information being provided by you, responses will be forthcoming.

best wishes

Re: A fib

Thanks John. I'm not computer wise. So that's my problem.

Re: A fib

If you don't have the answer that's ok

Re: A fib -- try this magnesium supplement

My husband is also on Lupron and I am always searching for additional alternative means to enhance his health. He does not have afib but we are taking magnesium to help our general health. From all I have read, the general population is very magnesium deficient. If you go to the following website re afib they give a simple "recipe" to get magnesium:

I hope this will help you!

Blessings from the Lord,


Re: A fib -- try this magnesium supplement