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PSA after 10 years RPP

The info below is from a Dr. Catalona FAQ site. So many numbers get kicked around, but this Doctor is quite reputable and informative. He references 0.2 for biochemical recurrence which would be substantially different from 0.02-but I likely missed something in the discussion as I frequently do these days! Again so many different views on this animal but I guess we should evaluate them all to try to stay on top of the beast.

Allen Z

All elevated PSA levels after surgery should be re-checked to rule out a laboratory error. For practical purposes, it is very difficult to detect PSA when levels are less than 0.2 ng/ml. Therefore, we consider any PSA value less than 0.2 as being negligible. A value of 0.2 or 0.1ng/ml would be considered essentially zero. PSA above 0.2 or above is an indication of cancer recurrence, and treatments for recurrence should begin before the PSA reaches 1.0ng/ml.

Re: PSA after 10 years RPP

Hello Alan,
Thanks for the information.

Re: Rising PSA after 10 years of Radical Prostatectmy

Fine Assaf, relax, you have many good days ahead of you to come.
best wishes

Re: Rising PSA after 10 years of Radical Prostatectmy

Hello John,

Re: Rising PSA after 10 years of Radical Prostatectmy

Hello Friends,
Yesterday my doctor called me regarding my question about the rising of my PSA from <0.004 over the last 10 years to 0.01 on my last test three weeks ago. He said not to worry. He said that the rise may be caused due to a change in the test kit. He added that after 10 years of RP the routine is to check the PSA level once a year. He rcommended to check my PSA in the next six month ahead (0n May 2016) and to be in touch with him. To make my story short he said "be calm do not worry and continue your life as usual".
Thak you all for your support.
Best regards
A. Nattiv

Re: Rising PSA after 10 years of Radical Prostatectomy

Hello my good friends,
It has been a long time since we were in touch and I am glad to tell you that my PSA level is back to "normal" - less then 0.004 microgram/ml. As I had told you, I had talked with my physician as my PSA level had been rising to 0.01 and he said to worry, to wait about 6 months and to check again and I did it.
Best wishes for good health to all of you.
Assaf Nattiv

Re: Rising PSA after 10 years of Radical Prostatectomy


Great news! happy for you ---

Bobby Mac