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HIFU FDA approved

I had my HIFU procedure over 5 years ago, I never thought I would see it approved by the FDA. Hurray!
"SonaCare Medical Receives FDA Clearance for its Sonablate® High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Prostate Ablation Device"

Re: HIFU FDA approved

It will be interesting to see how well received and how effective HIFU treatment will be. Back six years ago when I was first diagnosed and I was exploring options, I learned of a HIFU clinical trial that was ongoing in Wisconsin. I reached out to them, and learned to my surprise that I would not have qualified. Even though I was Gleason 6, low PSA, only 1 of 26 cores at 5%, they said my prostate was slightly larger than their study would allow. So my take was that to prove the efficacy of their HIFU treatment, they were only accepting men who, by widely accepted standards, did not need any treatment at all!

I remain very glad that I found YANA, and that I chose Active Surveillance.

Re: HIFU FDA approved

Hi Roger, I was gleason 7 psa 6.3 when I had HIFU. The machine did have a limit of 40cc prostate size, I was at 39.7 so I was able to have the procedure. I did mine in Mexico not part of a study where the requirements are often different.

Re: HIFU FDA approved

Hi Ed,
I am sure many readers of this site would like to read an in-depth account of your HIFU experience. There are only a couple of men on this site who had HIFU as a primary treatment. Could you please tell us your story?

best wishes

Re: HIFU FDA approved

Hi John, My story and 17 other HIFU patient stories are in the survivor stories under unconventional/experimental HIFU section. I'm EG B. I have that very site to thank for alerting me to the HIFU option six years ago, for that I am very grateful. This site helped me at a time when I was struggling with my diagnoses by sharing real life experiences. "You are not alone now" is really true, Terry Herbert's legacy endures.