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British Cancer Vaccines is a UK charity, as part of a research project we are supplying CBD/THC to a small number of prostate cancer sufferers in the UK. We are suggesting a dose of 1000mg CBD and 60mg THC per day. Can any current user of cannabis oil tell me if this dose is about right to reduce PSA and if not what the daily dose should be. Thank you

Re: Cannabis

May I enquire if you are indeed one Phillip Smith a trustee on the Board of British Cancer Vaccines?

I had a look ta the British Cancer Vaccines website and indeed they do have UK charity status.

The blurb on the site talks about stimulating the body's own immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells via the use of vaccines. A layperson reading such, might form the view that they are in some way a medical research facility or perhaps, a facility that facilitates research by endowment. As a non layperson, I would have to say the site has a scarcity of scientific studies and the patronage of suitably qualified medical persons. Needless to say I would readily accept a rebuttal to that ascertion.

The website mentions a US trial of cannabis being employed by PCa patients. No details of that study are provided.

Now I am not for a moment questioning the bona fides of the British Cancer Vaccines as a Charity. But the lack of transparency in terms of the medical research being undertaken, and or endowed, is somewhat unusual methinks.

For those who wish to check out British Cancer Vaccines a link is below;

Re: Cannabis

P Smith
British Cancer Vaccines is a UK charity, as part of a research project we are supplying CBD/THC to a small number of prostate cancer sufferers in the UK. We are suggesting a dose of 1000mg CBD and 60mg THC per day. Can any current user of cannabis oil tell me if this dose is about right to reduce PSA and if not what the daily dose should be. Thank you

I note this is your first post on Yana, so a warm welcome is extended.

First up you a suggesting that cannabis is able to reduce PSA. May I enquire where your scientific evidence is to support that view?

The daily dose of 1000mg CBD and 60mg THC per day has been arrived at on what basis?

best wishes

Re: Cannabis

Well said, John, I have a distinct whiff of snake oil salesman in our new poster. A more subtle approach than some previous ones but as we say in England, "dodgy", nevertheless.

OC in England

Re: Cannabis

I have been taking a one gram dose for many months now. As far as I can tell, this oil has not kept my psa from growing, although I believe it has slowed it down. The best part is, however, it got me off of high blood pressure meds, almost all of my diabetis meds, and I no longer take hydrocodone for my neuropathy. I have not looked this good, color wise, and just over all, in a long time so I am all for it. Those of you who haven't tried it might seriously look into it. However, it did take about 7 weeks to work up to that dose and the first couple weeks I slept most of it. But all in all..I am glad to have given this a try. It was the one and only drug that didn't cause me a multitude of side effects that made me feel worse than before. Zytiga, Xtandi, Xofifo...Lupron, all of those have made me so sick that I wished I had never taken them.

Re: Cannabis

Do you know what quantity (mg) of THC and CBD you are taking each day? If you are being knocked out during the day you are obviously taking a high THC strain. An alternative would be take a low THC high CBD strain during the day and use the high THC strain in the evening, this will keep you active during the day and allow you to increase the dose. I am very interested to understand the dose and the effect it is having. Good Luck.

Re: Cannabis

Interesting about your research. The problem here in the USA is that clinical trials are not easy to conduct because cannabis is a schedule 1 drug. I am lucky that Colorado has the cannabis oil. I went to Dr. Alan Shackleford, in Denver who I found out about from CNN's Sanjay Gupta's Weed, which can be viewed on YouTube. Dr. Gupta has since produced two more documentaries, Weed 2, and Weed 3. I literally almost died from Lupron. My PSA was 212 are diagnosis with about 15 lymph nodes in five different areas involved, all the way up to my neck. Doc said it was most likely in my bones, but so far son good. I have taken cannabis oil for a total of about three months at 5 he one gram level. Dr. Shackleford recommended a 1 to 1 ratio of THC, and CBD. The dispensary I use uses a hybrid plant to make the oil. I have only had one shot of Lupron since May. MY PSALM is .6, and hasn'the been above 1.5 since about a year ago. My last CT scan in July showed no evidence of disease, and a PET scan showed no bone mets or other areas of concern. It could be that the Lupron and taxathere chemo caused this, the oil, or a combination of everything. Demand for true clinical trials of cannabis are desperately needed.
I know nothing at all can be proven without clinical trials, but except for the never ending hot flashes from Lupron even after a few months off of it, I feel better than I have in years. My high blood pressure is no more, I almost had to completely taking insulin for my diabetes, which went all the way to 596 on the Lupron. Not good. It'seems crazy howUchiha better my blood sugar is now since taking the cannabis oil. I have such bad muscle atrophy from being hospitalized from dehydration due to the Lupron, but the oil loosens my muscles up enough I can easily get around. I am down to maybe 15 full body hot flashes (down from 60) per day now. They have been extremely debilitating unfortunately. I simply can'take take Lupron anymore and expect to live so I am glad there is something that helps even if there'should no proof it will help. You can Google cannabis oil and prostate cancer and find NIH's success they have had showing that cannabis oil kills many types of cancer, including prostate. I honestly had no choice as my oncologist wanted to keeplay me on Lupron, and was tired of it putting me in the emergency room for fluids or the hospital for renal failure. He finally changed my medication for the hot flashes from Effexor 75mg 6 times a day to Gabapentin 300 MG twice a day, which has kept out of the emergency room for three months now.
Anyway I am happy to have learned about cannabis oil since Lupron isn't an option since it almost killed me several times. I know the cancer will most likely come back, but hopefully the oil with it's cannabanoids will at least help keep it from coming back as fast.

Re: Cannabis

Maybe of interest for anybody thinking of using cannabis oil.