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Severe pain from radiation treatments

I am trying to find out if there has been anyone with the same situation as my father, He is going through radiation treatmeants and about his 20th treatment he started to get severe pain from his bladder all the way out. It is not just a burning but a tremendous pain. They stopped the treatments for 2 weeks and started again but now after just one week he had to stop again, He is in tremendous pain. He is a very strong person so I know for him to be debilitated he must be suffering badly. His 3 doctors have not seen this reaction before. He has been tested for bladder infections and it keeps coming up negative. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
Best regards,

Re: Severe pain from radiation treatments

Andy your question is somewhat perplexing. Could you please elaborate on your dad's "tremendous pain". What seem's to trigger it? Where is the pain located. The type of pain (sharp/dull). How long does the pain last? How has the pain been managed? What explanation has your Dad' treating physicians given?

Andy it is normal for persons undergoing radiation to incur symptoms as a consequence of the treatment, particularly towards the end of the treatment. Most issues resolve over time.

best wishes,

Re: Severe pain from radiation treatments

Well the first question I would ask is if your Dad has his bladder as full during the radiation treatment as he had during the CT mapping for the radiation treatment?