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info needed

Hi all

My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer today. Apparently on a scale of 1 to 10 hes a 6...
Hes been given the option of an operation or radiation and is refusing to do either.
What the hell!!! Hes always said hes here for a good time not a long time and refuses to be a sick person.Maybe he just is afraid and I need to learn what I can to help him
Any advice greatly appreciated. Are radiation side effects really bad?
Thanks in advance

Re: info needed


When you say he was diagnosed with prostate cancer I will assume he had a biopsy. It would help us a lot if we new what his PSA is and his age and his biopsy results. Like # of cores positive, gleason score for positive cores,...etc. It might be possible that he has low risk disease and he could simply go on an active surveillance program for a while until he knows more about this disease and the treatment options.


Re: info needed


If he knows this information he's most definitely not sharing it. He's being super vague.
He did say there's the option to monitor things but how is that being proactive. Are me and my siblings just being selfish wanting him to go for the op or the radiation. He explained the possible side effects of the op and is having none of it.

Re: info needed

Hi Tara,
You seem to be in a difficult situation regarding your Dad's reluctance to convey information about his medical history to you. Unfortunately Tara, your Dad is perfectly entitled to do so. Given that there is no legal way to access your Dad's medical information without his permission, the crux of your issue lies in your interpersonal relationship with your Dad. Only you and your Dad can sort this one out.

best wishes,

Re: info needed

Your Dad may be making the right decision. Without more information none of us knows. I suspect he is one of us guys who refuses to discuss personal matters..

Here is a suggestion. Get yourself a copy of Bob Marckini's book "You Can Beat Prostate Cancer..." This book is readily accessible, an easy read and well worth its modest price. After you read it turn it over to your Dad. Let him know you read the book and the material may of interest to him.. The worst that cold happen is that both of you will learn a little more about prostate cancer. Of course the best case scenario would to be bring about that desired discussion between the two of you.

Best wishes Don O.

Re: info needed

Good advice Don.