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Bio Markers

In another thread I mentioned the emergence of bio markers as useful testing procedure in predicting PCa progression. For those interested, below is a link providing a reasonable explanation as to the range and utility of these relatively new tests for PCa.

In any members have had experience of genomic testing, particularly polaris, I would be interested to hear your of your experience.

best wishes

Re: Bio Markers

Not Polaris, but Onco Type DX performed by Glencore.
They use the biopsy slides and study 17 different genes to determine how aggressive you cancer might be.
In other words, if the Biopsy report reads low risk (my case), their report may show intermediate risk (my case also) and it my determine the end of AS and do something instead. I will learn on Monday, when I have my appointment with my doc.
But it can be the other way around too. For example, your biopsy report may show intermediate, but the genetic configuration of your cancer may show that the possibility of progression of your PCa is minimal, so you are a good candidtate for AS.
You do not qualify for this test if you have a high grade PCa.
Hope this helps.