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Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

I believe there are some who advocate removing the prostate so that it can't send even more cancerous cells into the bloodstream which could impede and complicate follow up treatments. It kind of makes sense to me...but I'm not a doctor.

Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

Mr. White,

I guess I would have a different view of the situation. I had just about the same diagnosis and my fear was that the surgeon wouldn't complete the operation. As it was he did do the prostatectomy and I then had salvage radiation/hormone treatment and have undetectable PSA 6 years later.

Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

Bobyboy& Frank,

This is not about whether surgery or radiation is the best treatment choice, this is about a Doc not disclosing very important imaging information so a patient can make his OWN choice.


Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

I guess the important thing is a full cure for Mr. White. Full disclosure is ideal in many instances but a doctor must weigh a great combination of variables in each individual case in an effort to achieve the optimum result - often in a timely fashion. Sometimes I'm guessing a doctor can make a comment about a test result to a distraught patient that is missed or not fully digested.

Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

I guess we can have Mr. White respond on whether or not he thinks he might have been told by the Doc and can't remember. I for one believe Mr White's story as it was told. Another thing to keep in mind. Going from T2b to T3bN1 is not a minor matter and I doubt anyone would miss that. Also, The Doc should have told Mr. White that surgery has no chance of a cure with T3bN1 disease and he should have recommended he consider getting second opinions from radiation oncologist and medical oncologist.

Re: Surgeon did not disclose important info before surgery

Thanks to everyone that responded. I find myself now with a rising PSA of 2.24, 6 months after surgery - it never went undetectable. I am in consultation withseveral oncologists, and it looks like ADT and radiation will be the route in the near future. In reply to the person that thinks I may have forgotten that my surgeon did inform me of the advanced stage of my cancer, please, that would not be something any of us would forget. At this point I feel robbed, because surgery was probably not the best way to go, and I am looking at ADT and radiation anyway. The truama a RP leaves on the body, plus the side effects, could have been avoided. My suggestion to all PC patients out there, and and all patients, make sure you get results from ALL your tests, never leave anything to the discretion of your doctors.