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Bloating and Swelling

Thank you all for all the information and wisdom that is found on this site. I have been through some back and forths following davinci surgery last week ,and would like some feedback.

I am composing this on a Wednesday...last Thursday was my surgery. I went home after one night in the hospital and had an undaignosied catheter problem, which twisted after a day causing me to leak and spurt - so per my doc I put on my diapers. I went to the ER and the next day to the doc's office, and it was my wife on Monday night who say that the "hub" holding the catheter tubes was turned...we got it in the right direction and I am flowing fine..with extremely little or no drip or splatter in the diapers. (for those keeping score I was about 48 hours with the twisted catheter). Now into my concern...

Tuesday evening before bed, both of my legs swelled, and by the time I awoke this morning (Wedneday) on leg is normal and the other is slightly swelled. Also my stomach is still "blubber bloating" on the front two sides (where one has a spare tire). Between that and the leg, I am trying to not freak out. My doc says he will look at the leg tomorrow when I go in for possible catheter removal, or to phone anytime (I have his cell) if it gets any bigger.

Having said all of that...I am draining extremely well - awake and asleep. Urine is light lemonade or watered down lemonade color. I had my first "bm" today (hooray!) and more to follow. Though I do not have an appetite I am able to consume small amounts of food and generally get around.

There seems to be no "normal" to davinci recovery, but I was not expecting the challenges that I am having (leg and stomach bloat). I figure both are normal, but my ultimate questions is if you have any experience, thoughts or comments on this.

Thanks again!

Re: Bloating and Swelling

Kevin the swelling in the legs you speak of is called oedema (edema in the US). It can be caused by cardio vascular problems and or kidney problems or both. The fact that is has resolved reasonably fast is a good sign. Oedema is a build up of fliud in the tissues neath the skin. It is due to the body's filtering system not working as it should. It sounds like it will resolve ok, even more so when you are able to do a few laps around the neighborhood.

best wishes,

Re: Bloating and Swelling

Are you doing enough walking? (but don't over do it)