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Supplements for Prostate Cancer

Copied from the end or another thread - in case it is helpful to anyone.

A lot of people think Dr. Snuffy Meyers is worth taking advice from.

He thinks these things are worth taking
Fish Oil - high quality capsules
Vitamin D
olive oil
Actual science and knowledgeable doctors.
A few other supplements he recommends are in the document that can be
purchased - see below

He thinks these may be bad for you
Flax seed oil
19 out of 20 new supplements that haven't been thoroughly tested are at
best useless.

More information is available for $9 - I thought it worth the cost.

Video link

I have no affiliation with Dr. Meyers. I just heard about him on this forum. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.

Re: Supplements for Prostate Cancer

I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for the last two years. I have documented my entire Pca history in an on-going online journal. Anyone interested in how Dr. Myers has approached one man's experience with recurrent cancer is welcome to have a look at
My last eleven entries are devoted to this topic.
Regards Don O.

Re: Supplements for Prostate Cancer

I have taken these supplements and others, while adhering to a macrobiotic diet and persuing a vigorous Yoga practice for more than 7 years following diag PCa. Here is my history:

12/07 Age 57 - Diag PCa - PSA 3.2 - Bio 2/8 GS 6(3+3) - T1C
1/08 chg MD - begin WW - Macrobiotic Vegan - BMI 26.1
9/08 PSA 1.7 - T1C - BMI 19.1
3/09 MRI - Inconclusive
6/09 PSA 1.8 - T1C - Bio 2/10 GS 6(3+3) - BMI 19.5
10/11 PSA 3.6 - T1C - Bio 3/9 GS 6(3+3)
3/15 PSA 4.9 - T1C - Bio 3/8 GS 7(3+4)
5/15 Age 65 - Rad Prost - GS 7(3+4) - No Lymph - Pos Marg 2mm

So, I belive that supplements, diet and Yoga have all been beneficial, but genetics has trumped, and I was finally driven to treatment. I am experiencing a quick recovery from surgery, attributed by MD and some others to my lean physique and pre surgical conditioning. Jury out for the next couple of months with reference to the very small margin involvement. I was first introduced to the possibility of diet and supplementation by Roger Mason His book Zen Macrobiotics makes a lot of good points. I continue with a careful diet today and am drawn to continue certain supplements.

All best.

Re: Supplements for Prostate Cancer

Interesting article. I don't know much about margins

Thanks for sharing your experience.