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nutrition help for prostate

I've looked but I'm sure I didn't look enough. Any discussion on this site about lycopene, green tea, etc. Not instead of an urologist but in addition to. I did find this site


Re: nutrition help for prostate

Re: nutrition help for prostate

Hi Don,

I think you will find that, while some people on the forum believe in and take supplements, others will tell you that they are a total waste of money. Here is my take on the subject: my research found that some supplements have been shown (in small studies) to possibly slow the growth of my cancer. Neither my urologist nor my oncologist would weigh in on my findings, except to point out what I already knew, and that is that the studies were too small to draw any solid conclusions. While I couldn't argue with that, I also didn't care. My feelings are that if they could possibly do some good and have not been shown to do any harm, then why not take them. (Note: the lack of helpful input from your doctors will mean that you will have to Google any vitamin or supplement you are possibly interested in so that you can examine its pros and cons and decide for yourself whether it is something that you want to take (which, frankly, is a good idea anyway).

Also, if possible, I think it is better to get your lycopene, green tea, pomegranate etc. from food and drink because there may be something in them that is missing from the pills. Of course, you could always do both, which is what I do when I take pomegranate pills and drink juice with pomegranate in it. If you do decide to take both, though, you should heed this advice from Dr. Patrick Walsh of Johns Hopkins University: "Remember… moderation in all things. You must resist the more is better approach. Such thinking is dangerous".

Lastly, if you type "supplements" into the forum search engine, you will find much more to read on the subject. (You can skip over my post dated March 30, 2012 because I no longer take some of the supplements that I mentioned, and most of the rest of the content is covered here).

I hope this helps. Good luck!
Alan M in the USA

Re: nutrition help for prostate

Thanks. Probably the best wisdom on the subject is what you said. I remember back in the 90s reading how vitamin E was more important than quitting smoking - according to experts at Tufts University. Boy that didn't turn out to be true.

Nonetheless I find articles like this interesting:

Highly recommends lots of coffee, exercise, tomato products, etc. Along with a lot of other good info.


Re: nutrition help for prostate

Hi Don, trust all is well with you.

Re the utility of supplements for PCa. I had a look at the literature and suffice to say that I did not find any compelling arguments for the partaking thereof. I suspect the taking of supplements are for the most part based on a personal perception rather than science. But is that a bad thing? Maybe not, given the goodly number of trial participants doing well on placebos. So while I may not be into supplements as they tend to be very expensive here in Australia, I would not seek to dissuade the opinions of those that do.

best wishes

Re: nutrition help for prostate

I would just encourage prostate cancer survivors to keep their D3 levels up...40-70.... D3, according to doctors, makes vitamin c look like a joke. It is antiviral..anti fungal...antibacterial....also pomegranate juice seems to help according to research.
Dr. Joseph Evans in Nassau Bahamas claims D3 helping men with pc. Check him out.

Re: nutrition help for prostate

Anyone heard of this? Seems info is 5 years old but sounds great. 4-mu

Re: nutrition help for prostate

Interesting articles, but where can you buy these supplements?

Re: nutrition help for prostate

A lot of people think Snuffy Meyers is worth taking advice from.

He thinks these things are worth taking
Fish Oil - high quality capsules
Vitamin D
olive oil
Actual science and knowledgeable doctors.
A few other supplements he recommends are in the document that can be purchased - see below

He thinks these may be bad for you
Flax seed oil
19 out of 20 new supplements that haven't been thoroughly tested are at best useless.

Just a few of the things he mentions

More information is available for $9 - probably worth the cost.

Video link

I have no affiliation with Dr. Meyers. I just hear about him on this forum. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.