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orchiectomy - suggestions

Very thankful this community exists - but wish I didn't need to be on it.
Last year my Dad (was very active, 70yrs, in good health, No BP, diabetics, cholesterol etc.) had undergone bilateral orchiectomy as advised by the doctor. Gleason score was 6 (3+3). It’s been almost 1 year after the surgery and PSA level is 0.1 now (PSA testing is done in every 3 months). He has gained some wait (6-8 lbs) in the past few months, getting tired very fast and noticed that he forget things very fast and thinking has become really slow than he used to be. I would be grateful if someone could clarify me on the following things just to make sure we are on the right track fighting against PC. Was orchiectomy a good decision over other options? We knew it is irreversible, but really didn't take a second opinion on this as we were panic. If not what else could have been done? What are the chances of recurring the cancer and how all we can suppress the chance of happening it again? I should be glad of your suggestions.

Re: orchiectomy - suggestions

Hello Michael,
Guess we all wish we weren't here at times but at times choices we don't have. Am thankful as well that this site is still here I have used at times to try and find some answers and understanding of PC. Looking at what you write and the age of your father the bilateral orchiectomy is an alternative to hormone therapy. I was diagnosed with PC 6 years ago and decided on IMRT treatment after I completed soon after PSA was doubling I had choice to make hormone treatment or Orchiectomy after much thought I decided on Orchiectomy. It has now been over 3 years and at times I still experience some of same effects your father does. It is natural when one has as close to Zero testosterone for long period especially at your father's age. I will soon be 66 and am hanging in there though at times I wonder if I made correct decision. As for what else could be done well you had 2 choices. Nothing or Hormone treatment like Lupron. My thoughts are chemical castration is like putting a wet blanket on fire. It just smolders and when one stops well anyone's guess when fire starts again. Will it cure? One never cures PC we live with it. What one hopes is something else gets to us before it does.Having a Orchiectomy makes it a bit harder to just get up and go but a lot of that is psychological I think. One just has to try harder to stay active. Diet is also important and of course exercise even when don't feel like it.One really does not know what is a correct decision with PC it is different for every individual and circumstance. All one can do is read..learn and hope. I wish your father well and you as well. Don't forget your own health as well.