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"Sick of it"

Dear Alan of the USA and John Bonneville,

Could you guys go fishing or something as I am sick of reading how you guys are experts on PCa carrying on with your know all attitude.

Re: "Sick of it"

Fred H

What I am sick of are people**, like you, who don’t pay attention to what they read, and then spout off without the information needed to speak intellectually.

If you had paid closer attention to the printed word, you would have remembered that I had this to say to John:

“I will no longer engage in a back-and-forth debate with you henceforth. By this time, we have both made our positions very clear to the readers, and to proceed serves no useful purpose other than to tie up the forum with repetitive information and statements”.

Lastly, for the record, I make it a point of backing up my opinions with the relevant data that they are based upon. What you call a “know all attitude” is simply passing along information along with my personal take on it (which is a large part of what this forum is all about).

**This is not a reference to people on this forum. Rather, I am referring to the lost art of reading with comprehension that has come about in this Smartphone age, where people receive so many texts and e-mails that they have gotten into the bad habit of skimming content and not retaining what they have read.

Alan M in the USA

Re: "Sick of it"

Fred, I have not been about for quite a few weeks. Sad to hear I cause such disdain even when I am not here.