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Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!

The use of the term "no worries" is a very interesting phenomenon. It is used by Aussies to cover almost every situation, regardless of the circumstances, and regardless of the true extent and nature of the worry. There doesn't have to be an absence of worry for "no worries" to be used. In fact, it is common for "no worries" to be used in the most worrisome of situations.

Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!

Thanks for taking the time to do the analysis. Happy New Year.

Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!

Ask any man dying in hospital from PCa (who was on AS) what he thinks of AS?

Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!

Ask any many dying in the hospital with a particular disease after undergoing a particular therapy how he feels about that therapy.

Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!

I just have a simple question or two and likely missed it somewhere along this on-going discussion (which I am not sure the end-game point is); i.e., how does anyone know if they are low risk based on the randomness of biopsies? I have heard that the only way to know full pathology is to examine the gland after it has been reviewed?

Allen Z.

Re: Some Interesting YANA Statistics!!


Please refer to John Bonneville's response on " some further clarification" dated Dec 27 @ 7:59pm. He does a good job describing an AS monitoring protocol. If you had a high grade tumor that was missed by a needle biopsy and started to grow, your PSA , and imaging testing would catch it.


The End Game

Hi Allen,

If you are asking what the end game is in this AS debate, IMO it is recognition, respect, acceptance and implementation among the PCa medical community at large, reflecting the fact that this strategy has proven itself to be a viable option for those that meet the criteria. Until that happens, we are going to continue to have a serious over-treatment problem worldwide.

Be well,
Alan M in the USA