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Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Terry Herbert due to complications of Prostate Cancer. Terry passed away peacefully with his wife Anthea, his brother Steve, and his son Matt, and his daughter-in-law Dani by his side.

Terry was the originator of the YANA website, and he maintained it as a valuable resource for men and their partners for many years. I met Terry shortly after my diagnosis and treatment in 2010, and we became close
friends through e-mail and video chat. I regret that I never had the opportunity to meet him in person.

In late 2011, the number of new and updated Survivor Stories was consuming more of Terry's time. It was becoming prohibitive for Terry to continue maintaining the YANA site, and he was considering shutting down the site entirely. A small handful of men immediately stepped up to help, and I led the effort to re-design and fully-automate the database of Survivor Stories, the interactive search mechanism, and all of the monthly reminder e-mail messages. That new system has been running smoothly since March, 2012, with more than 260 new stories and just over 2,500 updates to existing stories.

Terry recently asked me to take over this site, and I am honored to do so. I will keep it running as long as I can, but there are some on-going costs for the web-hosting service, the Discussion Forum service, and the printing and postage for the "Strange Place" booklets that we provide at no cost to the requestor. If you wish to make a donation in Terry's memory to help keep this site running, please go to: "". All donations will be used exclusively for keeping the YANA site running.

Mark Freedkin
YANA Administrator
Irvine, California (USA)
+1 (714) 357-1187

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

This is very sad news, though not entirely unexpected. When I was first diagnosed I searched a number of forums before I found YANA. Frankly, I found most of them depressing and not places I wanted to inhabit. But YANANOW was good-humoured, positive and filled with stories of survivors. It was just what I needed, and I have kept updating my stories, as many newly diagnosed men continue to contact me.

This is Terry's legacy: to give hope at the darkest of times; to give balanced information at a time when it's most needed; and to give comfort and camaraderie when you feel most alone.

My condolences go to his family, and his work lives on.

Thanks Terry, now you can rest.

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I was another of those so fortunate to find Terry's YANA website shortly after my diagnosis, and he became a very good friend over these last five years. I will miss him greatly, and send my respect and love to his family.

Mark, thank you for stepping in to help, good luck going forward.


Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I'm shocked by the sudden end to Terry's fine life, But glad that he was at peace with his family. Truly a very good man. I've made a donation in his memory to help keep this fine site going.

OC in England

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I am so deeply sorry to read this news.

Anthea, Matt, Dani and Steve, our hearts go out to you.

Please accept our sincere condolences.

This has has all seemed to happen so's only a few weeks since Terry was sending me his usual 'fabulous funnies' to post on B2PCa.

I think I speak for many when I say that he became a true friend to all of us lucky enough to find YANA. My wife and I owe him so much and we will never forget him.

God Bless, Rest in Peace Terry. You're a hero and a legend.

Thank you Mark for taking the helm.The site is in good hands.

George & Lynn


Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

My condolences to Terry's family.
A sad time but he will always be remembered at YANA.

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

The world lost a great man recently. Terry Herbert founded The YANA site to reach out to prostate cancer patients and survivors and featured comments, stories and testimonials by many. I used the site extensively in my research after my diagnosis and interacted with Terry and others on this site. Terry was never too busy to personally answer an email and was always positive and upbeat. This man was a true humanitarian and will be truly missed by those of us in the club we never wanted to join. Rest in peace Terry Herbert.

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

This is so sad. My thoughts are with his family at this time. Terry was a hero in my mind, and helped so many people to make an informed decision. I will always be grateful.

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I twould like to express my condolences to Terry's family.

I guess I will remember Terry as a well intentioned PCa warrior who was intent on doing things his way. It was his journey and simply being a passenger just was not his style. Needless to say, sometimes we had juxtapositions on matters medical, which made for some interesting discussions. When it became apparent that his journey was entering it's final stage, I asked Terry to consider his legacy. I of course was hinting at the need to seek treatment, which was the bone of our contention. But I guess after reading his story again and the reason why he did not seek treatment, perhaps he really did not need to after all. His testimony is there for all to peruse and make up their own minds re the efficacy of Terry's recipe for getting things done.

On a personal note, I feel we have lost a very decent human being who thought a tad more of others than his own mortality. If there is an afterlife, I just hope their is no medical examination as a condition for entry. If there is, God help the poor doctor.

Rest in peace Terry,

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I really don't know what to say. I met Terry in mid 2008 and we've kept in touch. Terry got me through some scary times and I believe in how he handled his disease. I know that's not a popular view but I understood it and supported it. I wish I had seen this news earlier but I've been absent from the forum for about three weeks because of personal issues. I normally check the forum more than once a day but post rarely because my views are very Terry-ish, so I kept them to myself. But I suppose this is the time to repeat what I told Terry in emails several times, that he was one of my Hero's, and still is. Hey it's our life and why others often tell us how wrong we are by living it our way I could never understand. And that would answer the question, why do you use the nickname - The Stranger. A number of people know my real name, it's Gary Peterson.

So Terry I will not forget you and the help you've given me. My condolences go out to his lovely wife Anthea and the rest of his family.

Re: Terence Herbert (1942-2014)

I was very saddened here in Canada to hear that such a larger than life figure had passed at such a relatively young age. He knew so much about this disease and was eager to help others in need.