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Update on Terry's condition

Update from Terry's brother, Steve (visiting from Cape Town, South Africa):

I am sorry to have to write you a group mail but I’m sure you will understand. I arrived in Melbourne yesterday evening and Terry had come out of hospital in the afternoon. Poor man I could see he was struggling. I am glad I got here to help where I can and Anthea’s friend Judith has been a tower of strength.

Ter is very weak and although he’s lost a lot of weight he’s still a big guy for Anthea or even Anthea and I to help. The two of them made the decision that he should go into a hospice and we moved him there this afternoon. It seems a lovely place with very nice staff.

It is very difficult as you will know but we know that this is the best for Terry

Thank you from Anthea for all your messages of support.

Re: Update on Terry's condition


Thank you so much for passing on Steve's message about Terry.

I hope the hospice can help build up his strength and ease his pain.

We can only imagine how Anthea must be struggling with all of this now.


Re: Update on Terry\'s condition

can't really find the right words. except,...thank you.


Re: Update on Terry\'s condition

I live in the U.K. and found this site 6 and half years ago. My Husband never reads anything about his prostate Cancer. He always tells his G.P. "I leave the reading up and worrying to Jennie !"
I look at this site nearly every day and when I read the post from Mark I felt such sorrow as if I was reading about someone in my family or a close friend. I felt so stupid trying to hold back tears in front of my Husband. But now after reading how others feel I am not the only one.
There aren't many people in the time that they are on this earth that "make a difference" but Terry Herbert has and I will never forget his wisdom and advice.
A very very special person, who "made a difference"

Re: Update on Terry's condition

I hope Terry will find collective strength from the thoughts of the so many men who have found this site to be far more inspirational supportive and informative than what most medical doctors could provide.

Thanks Mark and Steve for sharing the news

Hamba kakuhle Terry

Re: Update on Terry\\\'s condition

Very distressing to read in the update of Terry's move to a hospice, which suggests, on top of Terry's own extraordinary use of the word "frail" to describe his condition, that he really is on the last stage of his journey. But what a journey! He really has done it his way. What a legacy he leaves us in this fine site! Thank you, old chap, for a life well lived and which has inspired me as nobody else has done to keep fighting this damned disease.

May your final days be peaceful in your family's bosom.

With great sadness, yet thankfulness,

OC in England

Re: Update on Terry\\\\\\\'s condition

This website was where I first turned to when I was diagnosed. It really helped me make my decision and I took a great deal of comfort out of reading all the stories. God bless you Terry, thank you so much for what you've done. If there's a heaven, I'm sure you'll be there.

Re: Message from Terry Herbert

I have tears in my eyes as I feel like I’m losing an old friend. Terry, I thank you for your inspiration, guidance, and for creating this vitally important site, which you devoted your heart and soul to. You can feel immensely proud of the legacy that you will leave behind, and I hope you know how proud all of your YANA family is in you. I know that you are leaving this site in capable hands, but in my mind it will forever be Terry’s YANA. I will most certainly make a donation in your honor. You have fought the good fight, on your own terms, and won as far as I am concerned, in that you lived much longer than “the experts” thought that you would. I am not an overly religious man, but I say with all sincerity “God Bless You!”

Re: Message from Terry Herbert

When so many of us were diagnosed & seeking information of fellow travellers, YANA was there for us. Somewhere we could find cases to compare details with & see different approaches. And to read of so many other journeys both long & short. Comforting that we were not alone and educational in exchanging ideas. All down to Terry having the idea one day that much was lacking in the P.Ca world for patients. Not just thinking about this but getting on and setting up the site.

You have given so much time Terry and words cannot really thank you enough.
I can only wish you a peaceful passing and the thought you have achieved so much with the website. Long may it continue to help the thousands of men & their families as it has in the past.


Re: Message from Terry Herbert


What can I say but you're still my hero. A person that has managed his own life, his own way, and I salute you. I am a Religious man and I will pray for you and wish you and your family all of God's blessings. We have exchanged many emails over the years and you've always been there for me each and every time I needed guidance or help, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have never met but I will miss you dearly.

The Stranger

Re: Message from Terry Herbert

Terry, remember it is in giving that you receive and you have given so much.
God Bless and THANK You.
Joe H Queensland

Re: Message from Terry Herbert

I can't add much to what has already been posted. This site is the best (and I am a moderator on another PCa site here in the US!) and we all have been blessed for having Terry as a mentor and information provider on YANA. My take away from Terry's mentoring is simple...courage and strength--I now have much more of both due to Terry and YANA. God Bless Terry.

Allen Z in California

Re: Message from Terry Herbert

This is one of the sites that I learned so much from when I was first diagnosed.

Thank you for everything.

Best of luck.