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Re: German Clinics-- Transutheral Hyperthermia treatment is the most recent research. A lot of HIFU/RF docs overcharge and lie about 100% cure rates with no side effects. A fellow kaiser patient paid a canadian doc $20,000 for HIFU, it did not work and now Kaiser won't do Prostatectomy surgery (fear of non-healing and scar tissue) so his cancer is getting worse. Retreatments of HIFU are tricky and can have worse side effects than surgery.

Re: German Clinics-- Transutheral Hyperthermia treatment

Hi MikeL,

My dad is flying out to Germany from Australia today. He is doing a one week program with the hyperthermia treatment at the Marinus Clinic, he did a lot of research after being told he had inoperable, incurable prostate cancer by the specialists here in AUS. I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Re: German Clinics-- Transutheral Hyperthermia treatment

Please make a note of the equipment being used and let us know. It may be the same as the urethral microwave we use for BPH (benign enlarged prostate) in the USA. U of Texas has experimented with various hyperthermias, but only has cures when combined with radiation. I spoke with a HIFU surgeon in FL (operates in Mexico & International islands near FL); he cooks the prostate thoroughly the first time, and says half-cooking it followed by another HIFU or other heating treatment leads to scarring and side effects.
Be sure to check out the Prostvac trial; I am joining it as soon as my recurrent PSA reaches 2.0. Call your nearest trial location for more information