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Re: Hormone therapy

I was on Lupron for 6 months although it took another year and a half to totally get over side effects. What I experienced was as follows:

Severe hot flashes every two hours at night. I was able to easily go back to sleep after they subsided.
Definite loss a libido.
Gradual weight gain.
Brain fog and short circuiting (my description)

For me the hot flashes and the loss of mental sharpness were the worse.

Re: Hormone therapy

Please do some research on the Chaarted Study just released by ASCO. It shows in the clinical trial that Doxetactal given with Hormone Therapy significantly improves survival.

Re: Hormone therapy

I didn't really have much trouble with the hormone treatment for the 6 months I was on it but the hormone treatment did cause me to gain weight and get hot flashes. I counted every calorie I ate and tried to do at least 300 calories of exercise every day, mainly on a stationary bike while watching TV.

The biggest problem for me was the hot flashes which kicked in after about 3 months. I had a fan by the bed but it was still difficult to get a good nights sleep as I would overheat and wake up, turn on the fan and then wake up again cold about 5 times a night.

Some patients also get depression but there is an anti-depressant that is also supposed to decrease the hot flashes. I didn't try that but if I had been on the hormone therapy much longer (I was on 6 months but the effects last 3 - 12 months after you go off) then I probably would have.

You just need to know what to expect and adjust to it. This is a good time to get in the best physical shape you can.

Docetaxel is a bit toxic so I might be a bit reluctant to take it on my first round of hormone treatment until studies show it is worthwhile for your situation which I don't think was included in the study.

Re: Hormone therapy

Thank you so much for your reply.
John is in good physical shape. He goes to the gym 3 days a week.
He feels so good but with a spa of 7.2 his urologist and oncologist feel it is time to start treatment.
He is going to take casodex for 2 weeks (oral) and then get a 3 month lupron shot.
Hope he has minimal side effects. I take it your psa has come down since you are no longer on the medication?

Re: Hormone therapy

I had a prostatectomy 6 years ago and then salvage radiation and 6 months of hormone treatment about 5 years ago. So far my PSA is still undectable but as I was T3B, GS 4 & 3 and PSA of 12 initially I do expect it to come back within 12 years. The PC hides out in the bone niche in a dormant state and then can return many years later, quite unlike most other cancers where you can say it is gone if it doesn't come back for 5 years.

A PSA of 7.2 is probably the point at which many oncologist would want to start treatment. Nobody really knows but I've heard of some starting at 1 and others at 20 for this situation. With a bit of luck going on and off hormone treatment will last for 10 years and by then there should be a cure or at least a really good drug to keep the PC under control.

Some people have more trouble with the 3 month shot so he might ask for a 1 month shot to begin with but your oncologist might have more knowledge about that.