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Re: Master's research into Prostate cancer


I assume you have wandered around the YANA site and that you have seen the contributions of the 1,300+ men who have shared their experiences at SURVIVOR STORIES. Most of the men have left their e-mail addresses and I am sure they'd be happy to correspond with you on any specific points.

My own story is at TERRY HERBERT. When I was diagnosed back in 1996 the Internet was only beginning to grow but even then I found the ability to communicate with men in a similar boat as I was in enormously helpful.

At that time there was not a single site summarising the basics of the disease in simple understandable language, which was the genesis of the YANANOW site, nor was there a site where men could share and update their stories. I have always felt that was an important aspect to emphasise because in the calamity of diagnosis, there is little hope. Seeing stories of men who have survived 15 or 20 yaers gives some hope to those men.

There seems to be some perceived value in the site as the numbers of vistors continues to grow despite the lack of an formal publicity - just word of mouth essentially. Last year we topped the 200,000 visitor mark who, between them made over 350,000 visits.

Good luck with your project - feel free to drop me a line, here, which may generate other views or by e-mail.

All the best
Terry in Australia

Re: Master's research into Prostate cancer

Hi Ms Hannah,

I am from KualaLumpur, Malaysia. Much obliged if you would/could review my blogsite @

I am not a good writer and my contents may not meet your requirements. Anyway you are welcomed to access my site and if you wish further clarification, you may write me an email. Read my story from the beginning of the blogsite sometime in 2009. You be the judge if my site has any values to readers.

I may contribute better to your project, if you email me your questionnaires.

Good luck to your studies.

Allen Lai

Re: Master's research into Prostate cancer

What Causes Prostate Cancer & Disease in Men?

Know all about the causes. I recommend this video:

Re: Master's research into Prostate cancer

Mark, thank you for the link, I watched it, V. interesting!

Allen, thank you very much for sending me your blog link, I will definitely have a look and I'm sure there will be a lot of useful information there. Thank you for sharing!

This website is amazing, there's so much fantastic information here!

All the best,

Re: Master's research into Prostate cancer

Hannah, I e-mailed you. Be glad to help.


Re: Master\'s research into Prostate cancer

I just attended my daughters graduation ( health sciences )at University of Western, London Ontario Canada. She starts a Masters program in September. I had my prostate removed in 2008 - about 3 weeks after I was diagnosed with P/C. I was 58 years old. You can e-mail me any questions that you may have. This site was very useful as was a local prostate monthly group. Gotta go now as golf is early tomorrow.