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Re: My treatment choice - "Low T" guy chooses surgery over Proton Therapy and explains why

Bioguy, with your young age and low grade #s I believe you have made the correct choice. Removal is the gold standard. If one is older, "AS" or "brachy" or "radiation" may look somewhat as attractive. You cannot afford to take a chance - especially with proton - when you are only in your 40s. Do lots of walking while recovering to get rid of gas, take laxatives religiously and stockpile some good books to read.

Re: My treatment choice - "Low T" guy chooses surgery over Proton Therapy and explains why


Thank you for your response. I totally agree with you regarding your advice to investigate Active Surveillance as an option. I have been researching that option intensely since my post a few days ago stating that surgery would be my best option for my unique situation. Assuming... I need to treat it now!!! My biopsy was in November. So it has been 6 months since my diagnosis. My last PSA was 3.0 (my lowest ever is 2.8). I get another test tomorrow. If the PSA level remains low, I will continue to research the option of A.S.

The key for me right now is try to figure out if I have a slow growing cancer or an aggressive one. Sadly, I was the one that had to tell my urologist that I wanted three additional test from Bostwick labs. The Prostavision test, the DNA Ploidy test, and any Bio-Marker test they offer. These additional tests can help determine with a fair degree of accuracy if my cancer is slow-growing or aggressive. Combined with the upcoming PSA test, I should be able to make a more informed decision on waiting or not. I also plan on traveling up to the UCLA Medical Center to talk to Chief of Urology Dr. William Aronson, who was part of a huge study on A.S.

I am well aware of the studies that show that men on A.S. fair no worse than men who seek immediate treatment. The key difference is that men on A.S. do not have to suffer years of troublesome side effects from PC treatment while they are carefully monitoring their condition. I agree that we are in an age where new drugs or treatment will be here shortly. Huge amounts of money are pouring in for prostate cancer research as the large number of baby boomers are being routinely screened for PC by PSA testing.

Re: My treatment choice - "Low T" guy chooses surgery over Proton Therapy and explains why


I like the research you have been doing. I found myself educating my urologist also. You might consider looking at the pivot study. It compared AS vs surgery with a 12 year follow-up. Conclusion: There was no difference in overall or prostate specific survival between men randomly assigned to radical prostatectomy and those assigned to watchful waiting.

That's a sobering conclusion.