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Re: Psychological Management of Untreated Prostate Cancer


I was 54 when I diagnosed back in 1996 and decided that for me with my diagnosis and my outlook on life the potentail for damage of any treatment was greater than the potential benefit. So far I'd regard that as a good decision even though I have some issues to deal with now - but those last seventeen years were pretty good. My story is here Terry Herbert

About the time I was diagnosed there was a man who used the nom de plume of Lorenzo Q Squarf who upset many people with his bluntly stated views. One of his peasrls was this:

If you are in your 70s.... but be very fussy about what constitutes negative symptoms. If they are not all that distressful consider treating the symptoms. Think amelioration of discomfort rather than aggressive intervention, but, if ordinary stuff can't supress your discomfort, why, discuss your particulars, and especially your personal values, with a urologist who listens carefully, and who seems to care more about you than his theories of aggressive intervention.

His basic messages are on the site at Lorenzo Q Squarf. He was alive and well last year when I mailed him.

There is no right or wrong decision, but my gues is that if you've survived to threescore years and ten you've made some tough decisions in the pasat based on what you think is best for you.

Good luck whatever your choice.

All the best
Terry in Australia

Re: Psychological Management of Untreated Prostate Cancer


Thanks for your response. It's good to know the site has a ' Good Shepherd '.

As regards your story and chronicles I can only say ' Wow ' . I 'm full of admiration of course. But you set the bar pretty high !

Kind Regards


Re: Psychological Management of Untreated Prostate Cancer

Aloha Julian,
As Terry points out - you gotta find a doc that listens to you. This is not easy. I'd want several opinions about what your future MAY be like. At 3 score + 10, we tend to be turned off by comments that don't quite match what our experience tells us. Keep asking questions until you get answers you can live with.
Hang in there,
Honokaa Hawaii - beginning to enjoy life again

Re: Psychological Management of Untreated Prostate Cancer

Gleason 4-3 sounds to me like an action call.