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Re: New member of the "the club I don't want to join"

Welcome to the Club, Rick.

Therer are many men who had the EBRT (External Beam Radiation) ADT (Androgen Deprivation Therapy)combo. If you go along to SURVIVOR STORIES and choose External Beam Radiation with ADT as the therapy chosen you willfind about 60 stories.

I have recently completed an EBRT seies and am now on ADT - but I only had that done after 17 years of Active Surveillance. I had no serio9us problems with the radiation except that I felt very tired towards the end of the treatment. mind you I wasn't in the best condition to start having had two hospitsl admissions in the months beforehand. My story is here Terry Herbert if you have some time on your hands!

Good luck
Terry Herbert in Australia

Re: New member of the "the club I don't want to join"

You may be already aware of this, but... I believe there is extra assistance available for individuals with PCa who served in Viet Nam - I saw something on the US TOO website regarding this. May be worth checking out.
Wishing you the best,

Re: New member of the "the club I don't want to join"

I started hormone treatment because I was told that was the first step in the radiation process. After much reading and a case of acne like I never had as a child from Casodex, maybe with help from my Lupron shots ( I still have red blotches on my face two months later) I was given a referral to the City of Hope here in SoCal. The surgeon stopped all of that. Why do you need it. We're taking the prostrate out. I stopped hormone treatment. A whimp nearly dying twice before from pulmonary embolisms, no one was going to cut me. Or so I thought.

I was walking with virtually no pain 4 hours after surgery. I have NEVER felt pain in fact. Percocet or not, no pain. Discomfort yes, pain no. I was a Gleason 4+4, T2b. My lymph nodes and seminal vesicles were clear though cancer may have escaped the capsule. While he conceded I had NO time to wait he considered mine a wonderful report.

READ, READ, READ. Get a second opinion. There IS no one course. Every horror tale I read about or heard, for me at least, was a lie.