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Provenge effectiveness

I was diagnosed in Novenber of 2010 with Prostate cancer, Gleason score of 9. I had a radical prostectomy in January 2011 with complications afterward due to a bowel blockage. The cancer was in my seminal vesicles but was not found elsewhere. Follow-up treatment was with Lupron and Casodex. Due to mental health issues, I was taken off the Lupron after 3 months. My PSA was .015 at the time. In October 2012, my PSA had risen to 4.2. My urologist thought the Casodex was giving an inaccurate reading so he took me off it for 3 months. When tested in January 2013, my PSA was 45.6. A another test a week later had it at 48.2. I was given a bone and cat scan which revealed extensive bone Metastasis. I was again put on Lupron and Casodex and my PSA dropped to 1.2. In September, it rose to 2.4, October 4.6, end of November, it was 8.6. I have no pain at this time to speak of. I have started Provenge will two sessions to go. My concern is "How do you know it is working?"
When I asked the oncologist doing the Provenge treatment, he "laughingly" said, "If you are still alive after six months, you know its working". Then he said in my case he expects it to give me 15 to 20 months additional time. Of course, there is no was to be sure.
Is there anyone who has gone through Provenge and can tell me how effective it has been for you?

Re: Provenge effectiveness


I quite understand what you are saying about how to measure the effectiveness of Provenge - very unsatisfactory, although I believe that in some cases it is posible to see lesions disappear.

Can I suggest you go to RESOURCES and key Provenge into the site search engine. That will give you access to the links to the stories of the men who have considered or tried Provenge. you will be able, in most cases to mail them directly for any further information after yo9u have read their stories.

Good luck

Terry in Australia