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Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

I was on lupron for 6 months with side effects lingering much longer. I felt like my brain was often short circuiting and memory loss.

Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

Sticky notes? That's what I forgot, Crap. I have them stuck every where, if gets any worse my wife's is going to have me committed. To day she asked me to pick up some US stamps I came back with canadian. To top my day, I work as a HCA Health Care Assistant I was booked to do a sponge bath on a patient in room 251A when I left 251B was feeling much better .Opps .I also do a lot of house calls ,I find myself driving around aimlessly before I realize where iam supposed to be going ,my mind just drifts off in to space at the flip of switch. Before going to work each day I wander around in circles because I keep forgetting common things car keys , I'D badge,wallet, you name it.Drives me nuts or maybe I am??

Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

My husband been on Zoladex nearly 6 years. We have seriously thought that he has Alzheimer's.His memory is seriously really bad. He has also become very clumsy. The side effects of this drug are just awful. Its been 6 years of watching my husband turn into a different man. But you have to make the best of life. We certainly do.

Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

I have only been on zoladex for seven months and already experiencing all these side effects. Can't imagine doing it for six years. Jen aside from the memory problems what other effects is your husband experiencing, any bone loss, muscle atrophy ect. I'm 59 and still trying to maintain my job. The fatigue is brutal and the cognitive issues don't help. I have been taking a herb called Ashwagandha i find it helps with the fatigue. Apparently it helps support the adrenal glands. If anyone has any other suggestions I would like to hear them.

Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

Hi Gearloose.
My husband has done really well to try and overcome side effects. He has maintained his weight as we eat a very healthy and low calorie diet, it hasn't been easy though as we both love our food, but we do it together. Although he has maintained his weight his body has changed from being very hairy and muscly to quite flabby and the dreaded man boobs. This upsets him greatly and he wears mainly striped dark shirts as this looks better. His libido is utterley gone completely. It has changed him from a flirty, sexy, bit of a womaniser to a "sensible" man who can't even watch a film where anyone is having just a passionate kiss. It has been the hardest journey ever. I used to just look at him and my tummy would have butterflies, we had such chemistry. But after nearly 6 years I can't feel something like that for someone who just doesn't see me in that way any more. The other awful thing is that he has become very quarrelsome with people, upsetting a few people. He admits that he has a very short fuse now. They say testosterone gives a man aggression but without it, it is worse. At first he was calmer but after about 3 years he has become sometimes quite nasty at times.
Sorry to say all these things but you wanted to know but the effects have become much worse the 2nd 3 years. Hopefully you will not have to be on it as long as my Husband and that you are able to have more curable treatment However after being given a diagnosis nearly 6 years ago with 95 psa and gleason 9 in-operable
prostate cancer he is still here. His psa is now rising. I call Zoladex "the other woman"
Best wishes

Re: Memory Loss and Zoladex

Well, nice? to know that I'm not the only one that is struggling with memory issues. My family and friends have me convinced that I have not lost my mind though and we've gotten used to my forgetfulness. Maybe one day, I'll forget to wear pants to work!