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Re: My first month on active surveillance

Jack you say .... I am too young. I guess that means that there is a possibility that PCa will catch up with me before I die a natural death...

Of course there is always that POSSIBILITY but all the statistics show that as a PROBABILITY it is unlikely. Whenever this subject comes up people rush to point out that statistics do not apply to individual cases and of course that is so, but with PCa deaths accounting for about 3% of male deaths and more than half of those deaths occurring in men over the age of 80, the odds are in your favour to my way of thinking.

I've been meaning to write a piece entitled "What's Age Got To Do With It." Must do that sometime.

All the best

Terry in Australia

Re: My first month on active surveillance

welcome to the world of AS!!!! :-)

I'm on AS since May 2012. Do yourself a favor, and give yourself the best fighting chance you can by altering your lifestyle! Make sure to get lots of exercise, get to a good weight, and eat right.

Read up on anti-cancer diets and eating choices. Keep that immune system in tip-top fighting condition.

Best of luck to you Sir! :)

Re: My first month on active surveillance


That's damned good advice for every visitor to this site. For those of us on ADT there's an extra influence which tends to put on weight. Every so often I have to remind myself to drop half a stone to my fighting weight.

OC in England

Re: My first month on active surveillance

why thank you Sir!!

Re: My first month on active surveillance

I've looked at one other criterion that I don't know one way or another for active surveillance. Should I get an MRI to confirm that their is no extension? To be in Skyblue according to this chart, I should get confirmation of that? Or is it so unlikely with my grade being so low that it isn't with the expense?

Re: My first month on active surveillance


The definition of SkyBlue is They have PSA levels less than 10, a Gleason score less than 7, no nodule or a very small nodule on digital rectal examination, three or less biopsy cores positive for cancer and no single biopsy core more than 50% replaced with cancer. THere is no mention of an MRI, presumably because the chances of there being anything outside the gland which is discernible with current equipment is so small it would indeed be a waste of time. Rejoice in your SkyBlue status!!

All the best
Terry in Australia

Re: My first month on active surveillance

Thanks, Terry. That's what my stepson tells me who is completing his residency next year.