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Re: lupron back and rib pain

G'day Jack,

No need to be sad. Unlike the US, Medicare here in Australia is a universal health care system available to everyone, regardless of their age, income or means. The PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) subsidises the cost of medicines that are on the PBS, which is almost all of them.

The full unsubsidised cost of 120 mg Firmagon is more than $1300, but under the PBS it costs A$36.10. This is further reduced to $5.90 for everyone on an Age Pension or holders of a Seniors Health Card, which is most people aged over 65. So the most you can pay for Firmagon is $36.10, and this is regardless of your age, income or means, or whether or not you have private health insurance. Most people over 65 are paying $5.90.

No-one in Australia goes broke paying their medical expenses.


Re: lupron back and rib pain

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the clarification.

I'm glad that the picture is rosier than the one I got from the following website.


Re: lupron back and rib pain


Perhaps you are not aware that the article in question - Prostate cancer patient anger at huge bills despite paying insurance- was written during the recent elections here where the medical lobby weas pushing for higher payments. As in war, the first casualty in en election is the truth.

I have just had another procedure and four days in hospital. I had elected to have a once off annual deductible of $250, which I paid on my first admission last month and since then I have paid nothing for hospital costs, surgeon's fees medication or anything else. The Australian system is an excellent one.

The article in fact refers to people who have chosen treatment in a private hospital and whose insuarnce is inadequate but who were not aware of the inadequacies - or who did not discuss fees and costs beforehand.

But perhaps one of the statments is worth considering Three quarters of the men paid out-of-pocket expenses up to $17,000 and one patient who travelled overseas for treatment spent $170,000. Note the vagueness of the "up to $17,000" contrasting startingly withnthe $170,000 of overseas treatment! A factor of 10.

All the best
Terry in Australia

Re: lupron back and rib pain

The discussions about various country's health care benefits seem to be a distraction from the intent of this wonderful forum. Nothing is "free" as taxes pay for everything. In "non-free" country's, the insurance needs reform, but taxes on health care are lower...the important discussions for me are who is doing what form of treatment, no matter the cost, and how it is working or not.


Allen Z

Re: lupron back and rib pain

Good day, just be glad you are not a conservationist, that has PC, in Africa. No medical, no assistance. We pay for all treatment, that is done in South Africa, out of our pockets. I know that at some point I will not be able to afford further treatment and will have to face the desease and whatever it throws at me. I suppose that's life!

Re: lupron back and rib pain

Oh I forgot to mention: I live in Uganda; there is not one urologist that can tell me more about PC than what I know already! I have done a bit of self-study and forums like this one is invaluable. The urologist I saw in South Africa about a year ago didn't have much time for all my questions and concerns; spent some 10 mins with him.....that's it! My one concern is loss of bone density (the urologist didn't even mention it) - what do my Brothers in Arms suggest?