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Finesteride after triple pronged treatment?

Finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, or so I thought. During my final phase of treatment consult, I was prescribed Finesteride, 5mg daily for an indefinite time period. This based on my initial volume, as I had both lobes, apex etc.. loaded and extra capsular extensions, not on any recent testing.

DART, Brachy, 7 months of hormones and 10 days of "boost radiation" as the finale. I thought I was done with the meds, as my follow up and the first PSA will be in 6 months.

I really don't want to take any more medications that cause symptoms like loss of libido, lethargy, ED, gynocomastia, etc..

My feeling is that if the triple play attack didn't work, Finesteride won't help me.

So any advice? or thoughts on Finesteride?

Re: Finesteride after triple pronged treatment?

I can tell you one person I know who under went two regimes of triple blockade followed by chemotherapy (taxotere)and has been on finesteride maintenance for about ten years. His PSA is low and stable, and he claims to have no side effects.
Don O.

Re: Finesteride after triple pronged treatment?

My Dad under treatment from Dr. Strum then Dr. Scholz always took that or Dutasteride for over 10 years during on and off periods of androgen deprivation.

Re: Finesteride after triple pronged treatment?

Some men have pinned their hopes for a good outcome on treatment which includes, in part, a finasteride, i.e., a 5-AR reduction product. Perhaps the following excerpt from may help men to consider their options.

Men who took finasteride to prevent prostate cancer as part of a randomized clinical trial that ended in 2003 had the same long-term mortality as did those who took placebo, according to a report published online Aug. 14 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The 15-year survival was approximately 78% in both groups, said Dr. Ian M. Thompson Jr. of the Cancer Research and Therapy Center, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, and his associates.

Re: Finesteride after triple pronged treatment?


If your Testosterone returns to mid normal levels it is unlikely you will have any of the side effects you mention. Keep in mind that studies have shown that 5a reductase inhibitors double your vacation time when you are on intermittent ADT3.